Each of the team members at the Black Diamond Paving & Concrete strives to take initiative, make good decisions, and make things happen. We hope all of this, combined with a passion for our work and pride in a job well done, results in very happy customers. Take a moment to learn a little about each of us and find out what makes us tick. Besides paving.

Jeff Reger


I joined Black Diamond Paving & Concrete in 2000 as Sales Mananger after spending 17 years in the hi-tech industry with companies like IBM and Philips Electronics. I think my Bachelors Degree from San Jose State plus my experience in technical sales and manufacturing for large corporations gave me some great tools that translate well to the small business world. Obviously, the construction world is a very different environment from what I was used to but I love the energy and passion that you see every day in this business. When I became President of the company in 2004 I thought we could harness that energy to move away from the traditional idea of what a pavement maintenance company should be. Although this is still a work in progress, I’m excited by the prospect of continuing to build a great company and provide a great experience for our customers, our employees and their families.

On the personal side, our whole family is very passionate about Ice Hockey with both me and my two kids, Kurt and Bayley playing the sport. Kurt is a member of the Santa Clara Blackhawks Bantam A Travel Team and Bayley plays for both the Junior Sharks travel team and the girls in-house team. My other passions are photography, travel and riding my Harley when I can. Finally, we are big San Jose Sharks and San Francisco Giants fans and go as often as we can.

Megan Reger Black Diamond Paving

Megan Reger


Alex Sarandinaki

Senior Project Consultant

I grew up on the East Coast in New York and New Jersey and after high school I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. After the attacks on September 11th, I was deployed to the North Arabian Sea and Afghanistan for the inception of Operation Enduring Freedom. After being honorably discharged, I worked as a commercial and retail property manager for Bayside Properties. I left property management because I was told by a few of my vendors that I would be good at working with people and had a good sense of hearing out problems and working on solutions. Once my wife Tanyana and I were expecting our first baby, I figured this might be a good time to move on.

So you could say that I am a glutton for punishment. I started a new job, we had our first baby (Anastasia) and then 18 months later, a baby boy (Elias). Along with that, I managed to graduate from Menlo College so you can say that it’s been a very busy few years. As far as my personal life is concerned, I sing bass and 2nd tenor in a Russian Orthodox Choir on Saturday and Sunday, tend to a reef aquarium, play ice hockey every Sunday night and always find stuff to work on at home. The jobs I now have brought on a whole new lifestyle for me and I love every moment of it! I’m here to stay!

Shortly after we moved to our new condo, I volunteered to join the Board of Directors at our new association in Castro Valley. I figured my property management background would be helpful to the community. With this experience I soon learned that I can now put myself in the shoes of my customers. I have worn or am wearing the hats of those whom I strive to help. I know the challenges of property management, I understand what it takes to be on a HOA Board and I work everyday in the construction industry.

Because of my work experience I inadvertently developed a style that is designed to be a source of information. I want to be able to guide my customers and provide solutions based on their priorities, financial hurdles and their unique situation. I do my best to explain my recommendations with the goal of providing a level of comfort, care and attention to detail for each and every project I do.

Kris Karr

Senior Project Consultant

As one of our top Project Consultants, you may not catch Kris in the office very often…but you can be sure she’s out hitting the road, doing what she needs to do to get your project finished smoothly and to your complete satisfaction. In fact, many of you may already know Kris, as she’s been a part of the Black Diamond family since 2004. It was a bit of an accident, how she came to us—she met one of our project consultants at a trade show, and a few weeks later we’d roped her in. An accident, perhaps…but a happy accident, if you ask us.

We were lucky to get Kris on our team, as her customer-first mentality matches up perfectly with 
Black Diamond’s ethos. If Kris is on your job, you know that she’ll always do what’s best for you—for your needs and budget. If that means a smaller job than expected, that’s what she’ll recommend. If it means waiting on a job that doesn’t need to be done immediately, or advising against work that’s not needed at all, Kris will always be direct and honest about the best course of action.

When she’s not busy at work, thinking about the best interests of our clients, Kris is out and about, thinking about the best interests of our furry, four-legged friends. She’s what some of us around the office call an “animal angel,” as she goes out of her way for any animal in need. She’s passionate about dog rescue, and has a pack of four at home. And when we moved Black Diamond’s operations from Fremont to Hayward, Kris was adamant that the homeless, neighborhood cats we’d been looking after came with us. She oversaw the construction of a kitty condo to keep them safe in their new home, and when you come to visit, you can see them lazing about the grounds, soaking up the California sunshine.

Mike Bowbeer Black Diamond Paving

Mike Bowbeer

Senior Project Consultant

After 20 years of working in his family-owned residential concrete business, Mike decided he wanted to branch out and try his hand in a Sales position. In 2008, he made the leap and joined our Sales team as a Project Consultant. And when Black Diamond Paving expanded to become Black Diamond Paving and Concrete…Mike’s expertise in the concrete field was a perfect fit.

What Mike loves most about his job are the relationships he gets to build with the clients he works with. He derives great satisfaction from knowing his customers are happy and he delivered what he promised. You can be sure if Mike is on your job, he’ll take care of you and make the whole process as easy on your end as possible.

On the evenings and weekends, Mike is a family man. He has two daughters and enjoys cheering them on in their soccer games. His family also likes to travel and frequently takes little get-aways to wine country or to visit friends in San Diego. He’s also quite the entertainer, and loves to host friends in his home whenever possible.

Jim Rankin

Senior Project Consultant

After 10 years working for a construction company in San Jose, Jim decided he was about ready for a change. He and one of his foremen started shopping around, ultimately choosing Black Diamond because of our welcoming, customer-first reputation and because of how we treat our employees—like family. And it didn’t take long for Jim to become part of the Black Diamond family. He’s been with us since 2014, and we couldn’t imagine the place without him!

As Senior Project Consultant, Jim is one of our main client contacts and pursues, manages, and consults on many of Black Diamond’s jobs. He clearly enjoys the autonomy this position provides, and because of the open, team-oriented nature of our company—everyone working toward the same goal—he constantly feels motivated to put on the best face for Black Diamond. Which, he notes, extends even to showing courtesy and patience while driving through our infamous California traffic.

When he’s not at work, Jim is definitely what you might call a “homebody.” He loves nothing more than to keep close to the house, gardening and enjoying the married life of 20 years. Diehard dog-lovers, they have two “kids”—a Boxer and a Chiawatti (his term for their Chihuahua/Scottie mix). Jim is often suspicious of people who aren’t into animals. He believes dogs, especially, represent the best side of us—they encompass all of our good qualities and very little of our bad. As most of us at Black Diamond are animal lovers, we tend to agree.

Brian Lisko Black Diamond Paving

Brian Lisko

Operations Coordinator

Before joining Black Diamond in 2012, Brian was quite the adventurer. Upon graduating from high school, he decided to follow in his brother’s footsteps and attended the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. Though his studies kept him quite busy, this sports buff still managed to play baseball for the Academy, as well as hike and explore his way through the wilds of the Northeast.

After his five year commitment to the Coast Guard was over, Brian teamed up with a military transition company, found a position with Black Diamond, and made the move to the Bay Area. He loved the idea of working for a smaller company with a family feel to it and knew that in a company like ours, he’d not only grow as an individual, but could make a difference and help the company grow, as well. Brian initially started out in sales as a Project Consultant and transitioned to Operations Coordinator in 2015, where he helps to coordinate our crews and subcontractors and makes sure projects go smoothly.

Brian grew up in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania—a small town where the only way to stay busy was to play sports. He was a wrestler, baseball player, and soccer player as a kid, and continues to pursue his love of sports through competitive golfing, hiking, working out…just staying fit and healthy, in general. He also has a bit of the travel bug, and often returns to Pennsylvania and Hawaii to visit friends and family. In the future, he hopes to explore further afield, in places like Germany, Iceland, and Vietnam.

Derek Thomas

Project Consultant

Before he came to us, this California native was (rather unhappily) employed in the retail industry…and looking for a way out. His opportunity came in the form of a friend of his who was doing some remodeling work for a Black Diamond employee. He heard we were in need of someone in Operations, and Derek jumped at the chance to make the switch. That was back in 2011, and Derek has taken to Black Diamond like a duck to water.

In just two short years, he was promoted from Operations to Project Consultant and has thrived in this demanding, customer-focused position. He’ll be the first to say, he didn’t know what hard work was until he started working for Black Diamond. But he finds it incredibly rewarding to see a project through from start to finish, and to see the satisfaction on a client’s face when the job is done well.

When he’s not in the office, Derek typically unwinds through sports. An avid golfer, he enjoys making the rounds at the golf course as often as possible. He can also be found on the diamonds, where he plays in a recreational adult softball league.

Chris Soria Black Diamond Paving

Chris Soria

Project Consultant & Operations Coordinator

Chris Soria came to Black Diamond as a young pup, straight out of the DeVry University Business Management Program. He knew next to nothing about construction or asphalt maintenance, but his dad (and Black Diamond Operations Manager) Tim Cheney thought he’d be a good fit, so we decided to give him a try.

And we’re so glad we did! Chris quickly learned the ins and outs of the industry. He joined our ranks in 2008, and in 2013 we asked him to head down to our (then brand new) San Diego office to help coordinate the details there. He has absolutely risen to the challenge this change of scenery presented, and quite enjoys the opportunity to explore these new territories.

When he’s not working, Chris enjoys the simple things in life: spending time with family and friends; working on his car; cheering for the 49ers, the Warriors, and the As. Of course, that’s not to say he doesn’t like some adventure from time to time. As a natural-born risk taker—whether he’s ripping around town on his motorcycle or sitting too close to the TV just to see if he’ll actually go blind—Chris continuously throws caution to the wind.

Tim Cheney

Operations Manager

Tim has been in construction all his life. With a Building Designer/Builder for a father and a Developer/General Contractor for an older brother, you could say construction simply runs in his blood. Which works out pretty well for us—Tim is a fountain of wisdom and experience the entire Black Diamond team pulls from on a daily basis.

Tim came to us back in 2005 when a good friend of his, a Materials Engineer, worked on a job with us. We were looking to hire, and his friend thought Tim would be a pretty good fit. We thought so, too…and the rest is history. Tim relishes the challenges each day at Black Diamond brings, and derives great satisfaction from the resulting successes.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys taking advantage of the temperate California weather by camping and motorcycle riding with his wife.

Dawn Launer

Office/Human Resources Manager

Dawn may hold the title of Office Manager/Human Resources Manager, but that certainly doesn’t describe her actual job here at Black Diamond! Dawn has been with us since 2005 and knows just about every nook and cranny of this business. She works closely with the owners of BDP, our Sales and Operations teams, our work crews, marketing, job costing, safety management, insurance policies & the list goes on…you name it, she’s probably worn that hat.

Of course, it’s been a long road to get to this point. Prior to joining BDP, she spent 20 years in the trade show/event planning industry, managing staff & coordinating shows all across the country. She knew nothing about construction or paving when she came to Black Diamond. But that was alright by us—her skills translated quite well to our small (at the time) office. She quickly became a part of our close-knit family.

When she’s not busy putting out fires here at Black Diamond, Dawn can typically be found with her husband & daughter, spending time with her nieces and nephews, or whizzing around town and through the beautiful Northern California hillsides with her husband on his motorcycle. She’s also a big fan of spending time outdoors, exercising, cooking, gardening, traveling, reading and sports. In any given season, you’ll find her cheering on the San Francisco 49ers and Giants, the Warriors and the San Jose Sharks.

Dann Maienza


Sometimes Black Diamond’s offbeat personality has its advantages. We lured Dann Maienza to the team with a particularly creative Craigslist job posting. And he must like it here—he poached two of his co-workers from his former place of business shortly after coming to work for us.

As Controller, Dann runs Black Diamond’s accounting team with the precision and detail one might expect from a born and bred mathematician. He almost missed his calling, though—Dann’s original major was in Elementary Education. After spending some time in a real live school with real live kids, however…he decided math was more his speed.

After school, he jumped into the accounting biz and hasn’t looked back. He even spent some time in the construction field, then switched industries and eventually made his way into a supervisor position for a credit union. Then we got our hooks into him and threw him head-first into the exciting world of pavement and concrete! He’ll be the first to admit he was a bit surprised by how busy our relatively small company can be. He’s constantly presented with new, interesting challenges which keep him busy…and quite happy, as well. What would he like the world to know about Black Diamond Paving? “It’s awesome—come work here.”

Originally from the great state of Ohio, Dann has been in California for over a decade and has fallen in love with the Bay Area. He’s even converted to our sports teams and is a diehard fan of the Giants and the Warriors. As he’s also a budding gourmet chef, you can typically find him in the kitchen, glued to Food Network. Ask him to make some of his famous lasagna for you sometime—you won’t regret it.

Cecile Aquino

Staff Accountant

Cecile is another bright addition to the Black Diamond family. Since she came to us in March of 2015, she has quickly become a vital member of our close-knit Black Diamond family.

In fact, Cecile and numbers are a perfect fit…while in college earning a degree in Statistics and Economics, she worked as file clerk in an accounting firm. When a position opened up in Accounts Payable, she took to the job with gusto. After college, Cecile even received a full scholarship to attend an American Economic Association summer program at Duke University, which encouraged minority students to get a PhD. She has since spent over a decade in the accounting business, in industries ranging from insurance to engineering to construction.

What Cecile loves most about Black Diamond is the people she gets to work with. She is constantly motivated because she truly loves what she does, and so her work is (almost) always interesting to her. For the rest of the Black Diamond team, this means Cecile is not only a smart, hard worker…she’s also an absolute joy to work with!

When she isn’t in the office crunching numbers, Cecile enjoys spending time with her husband and two young sons. Her hobbies include dancing, reading, playing the piano, listening to music, and volunteering at her oldest son’s school and T-ball league. Cecile is also a bit of a sports nut—her favorite teams are the Giants and the Warriors.

Antinette Ornelas

Accounting Specialist

Having joined our team in February of 2016, Antinette’s positivity, motivation, and team-oriented attitude have been a great addition to the Black Diamond family.

Antinette grew up around construction crews—her great grandfather was a foreman and her grandfather was a general contractor. Prior to Black Diamond, Antinette worked for 10 years in accounting for Chevron. After having spent over 20 years in the corporate world post-college (from which she received degrees in Behavioral Psychology and Liberal Arts), she’s happy to return to the familiar culture of the construction industry.

As a 10th generation Californian and lifelong Hayward resident, Antinette appreciates the locality of Black Diamond and is proud to be a part of a company that’s investing in the town she lives in and loves. It certainly helps, too, that her commute to work is a mere two miles. This convenience, and the stress Black Diamond places on the importance of work/life balance, is very dear to Antinette. As a 12 year cancer survivor, this ability to live her life more fully is one of the greatest assets of the job.

When she’s not at work, Antinette enjoys spending time with her family. She loves gardening, playing with her two Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mixes, and indulging in her passion for fitness.

Dan Garson

Chief Operations Officer

Black Diamond has continued to grow by leaps and bounds, and in early 2016, we decided we finally needed some help keeping this growth under control. Enter, Dan Garson—Chief Operations Officer and all-around good guy. With his extensive experience taking ailing businesses and turning them into highly-oiled profit machines, we knew he’d be able make some waves at BDP. And he, in turn, was attracted to Black Diamond because we’re not broken—the opportunity to take a business that’s already prosperous but just needs a little guidance to continue its growth was a welcoming challenge for Dan.

Originally hailing from Arizona, Dan’s post-college years have taken him all over our fair country, and he’s lived on both coasts, as well as in a few places in the middle. With a background in engineering and business, most of Dan’s experience is in the “creating stuff” sector—wallboard, steel, decorative building products, and the like. Through the most recent recession, he gained lots of experience saving companies; helping them get turned around by reassessing their capabilities and resizing them to match their infrastructures. Tough work, no doubt about it…but rewarding, as well.

Dan’s work within so many different industries has certainly made him adaptive. His ability to see the similarities between the variety of businesses he’s worked with over the years has made him a quick study and has translated well to the needs of our company. In Dan, we have found a COO whose passion for his job matches our passion for paving.

In his spare time, Dan and his wife have begun navigating their new lives as empty-nesters. Travel, he’s sure, will feature heavily in the coming years—his wife finally got him to give Europe a try, and he fell in love. It helps that his two daughters are into history and can join them on their explorations, filling in the gaps the tour guides skip over. When he’s at home, Dan loves cooking, wine, and beer, and has recently gotten into gourmet grilling. Mexican and French foods are favorites of his, and he’s starting to play around a bit with Italian. We’re pretty sure we know where to find some guinea pigs, if he needs someone to try out his recipes…..

Fernando Ruvalcaba