Gianni 4S Ranch Home Owners Association

We will be conducting construction on 3/3/2017 starting at 0700. The affected streets and homes will be notified.

This construction is postponed until further notice due to inclement weather. 2/27/2017

At Black Diamond Paving & Concrete, we uphold a solid commitment to excellence in customer service. We’re proud to have formed lasting, trusted relationships with many HOA, commercial, and community property managers throughout the years, and are continually delighted to make new acquaintances—to show them how quality pavement projects can be completed on time, on budget, and with little disruption to the daily routine of the community.

We will be installing five speed bumps in two locations identified on the map. This project will continue to move forward weather prevailing. We ask that vehicles  be removed from parking stalls in these locations. Access to your homes will still be permitted during the construction. Once the asphalt cures it will be striped with white traffic paint upon the drying of the paint the street will be re-opened and vehicle traffic will be allowed to pass through. Gianni At 4S- Project Notice 2017 Speed bump location map