Williamsburg-San Moree HOA

Williamsburg 2018 Asphalt Maintenance Project

Phase 1- Asphalt Repairs:

Asphalt repairs are scheduled to begin on Wednesday the 1st of August. And are scheduled to be complete on Friday the 3rd of August.

Please pay attention to the No Parking Signs and read them carefully.  Vehicles left in the No Parking areas will be towed at the owners expense.

This work is preparation for the upcoming seal and re-stripe project scheduled for late September. You will be receiving a separate Notice for that work.

Thank You in Advance for Your Cooperation!


Due to Equipment Break Down Problems the Work will be Extended.

The Work Will Extend Into Next Week. Work will be Completed By Wednesday the 8th of August.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may bring to the community.

Black Diamond Paving

Felicita Villas HOA – Asphalt & Concrete Repair

Felecita Preliminary Project Notice-18

Project Status-




2018-07 NO PARKING




Due to insurance reasons of the church no parking can happen on the property. please find an alternative parking place for your vehicle.


Thank You



Seal Coat and Re-Stripe:  The Project is on schedule to begin on 7/26-27/18.  Please pay attention to the notice and the cones that are posted throughout the area. 


Your Vehicles will need stay removed from the project areas identified in “RED” on the maps and notices posted throughout this area.  There will be heavy machinery traveling throughout the residential area. Foot traffic should be limited throughout this area as well.  Please use extreme caution as surfaces may be wet with fresh seal coat.   


Please see the notices posted throughout the community on the BRIGHT ORANGE CONES.   When a “Road Closed” or “No Parking” sign is seen, please realize that the information on the sign spells out when certain “roads will be closed” and “parking will be restricted”.  You can read this site for any updates.  

This website can also be utilized for more detailed information throughout the remainder of the project.  A phone call to the number below can also assist in clearing up and confusion. 760-294-4944

Carriage Place HOA – Sealcoat Project

Start Date:

Day 1 Pink Phase: Monday, June 11th 7:30am to Tuesday, June 12th 9:00am

Day 2 Green Phase: Tuesday, June 12th 7:30am to Wednesday, June 13th 9:00am

Day 3 Blue Phase: Monday June 18th 7:30am to Tuesday, June 19th 9:00am

Live Project Status: No update available at this time.

Project Consultant: Any questions please contact Kristina Karr @(510) 709 – 5720

Project notice and sitemaps are available by clicking the link below.

Carriage Place Seal Phasing.pdf

Carriage Place Seal Notice.pdf

Palacio HOA – Sealcoating Project

Project: Palacio HOA – Sealcoating Project (Weather Permitting)

Start Date: Monday 4/23 7:30am

Live Project Status: Due to the sealcoat project, landscape and grass clipping pickup will be canceled for this Wednesday 4/25/18. Do not stage this material in front of your homes this week. Placing landscape trimmings onto to street may cause damage to the new sealcoat. This service will resume next week on Wednesday 5/2/18 according to your normal schedule. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Project Consultant: Alex Sarandinaki (510) 789-3044

Project notice and sitemaps are available by clicking the link below

Palacio Sealcoat Notice

Palacio Sealcoat Phasing Map


Revised Oaktree Paving Notice 3-2018

Revised Paving phase Map 3-18

Sedona HOA – Seal Coat Project – 10/30/17 & 11/1/17 **PROJECT DELAY DUE TO WEATHER**

THE ENTIRE PROJECT HAS BEEN DELAYED DUE TO WEATHER!! With agreement from the Board of Directors and HOA Management Company, this project will be performed when the weather is warmer in the Spring (April time frame).  When the temperature is below 70 degrees and there is no sunshine through the overcast, the seal coat will not dry in 24 hours.  We have delayed this project until the weather is more conducive for sealing.


READ THE NOTICE HERE: Sedona Seal Notice

Sedona HOA will have the streets of the community seal coated in the spring.  This project is split into two phases (see below).  This project will require all residents to plan ahead, as vehicle traffic will not be allowed into the phase for a 24 hour period.  Residents will not be able to leave there residence into the seal coat areas so vehicles will need to be parked either on the other side of the community, or outside the community the night prior (or before 7:30 am the morning of the phase).


Again, absolutely no vehicle traffic will be allowed for 24 hours in the impacted phase.  Driving over wet seal coat will not only damage the roads, it will cause damage to your vehicles.  Further, walking through seal coat that still appears to be wet (has a sheen to it) will lead to seal coat being tracked on sidewalks, concrete entries, and potentially into your homes.  Please try to walk on sidewalks or any other concrete surface.  By the end of each day, if the surface seems dry to the touch, foot traffic is allowed (NOT VEHICLE TRAFFIC).