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Each property comes with its own unique challenges and opportunities. It’s our job to get to know you and your situation. Then we advise you based on your actual need. And whether you’re in things for the long haul or working on a shorter term investment, we treat your money like our money—very carefully—and help you make the most of it.

Photo of an HOA Paving project

HOA-Residential communities

Your pavement is possibly the single largest investment you’ll manage on your property. We can help with that.More>

Retail, Commercial, Industrial

We develop plans for your pavement projects that keep appearance levels high and maintenance fees low.More>

Apartment Communities

Your pavement surfaces are critical to maintaining the appearance and functionality of your properties. We help you get as much value as possible from them.More>

Non Profits

Schools, churches, and the like need attractive, functional pavement, too. We have experience navigating the unique challenges of properties for non profits.More>

The Black Diamond Difference


We demonstrate value by using our technical expertise and our understanding of your business needs


We solve your problems by asking relevant questions and involving you to help craft the best possible solution for your property


We try to see the job from your point of view first


We provide clear, detailed proposals that include descriptions of the work to be performed, quantities and locations of the repairs, and site plans outlining the work areas


We treat all our clients with professionalism, respect, and courtesy

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