2016 Top Asphalt Contractor-Diamond Certified

Diamond In The Rough

2016 is shaping up to be a banner year for Black Diamond Paving & Concrete, and we’re just too excited not to share news of our accolades. And it’s all made so much more special by the fact that 2016 marks 20 years in business. What a way to celebrate our Platinum Anniversary!

A Match Made in…Diamonds

Since 2008, Black Diamond Paving & Concrete has proudly and continuously maintained the Highest in Quality rating from Diamond Certified®, the most accurate and trusted rating process in the state of California. To achieve the Highest in Quality rating, a company must score 90 or above out 100 from an extensive and random sampling of customer surveys. This customer satisfaction research is based on real projects and, because they pull from a company’s complete customer list, the results reflect the true level of satisfaction—whether good or bad. And this whole process is ongoing. Companies that do not keep up this level of performance are removed from Diamond Certified®. Black Diamond is in its 9th consecutive year as a Highest in Quality Diamond Certified® company—not too shabby!

The deets:

Of the 233 Black Diamond customers surveyed so far, over half have given us a perfect 10, and 97% say they would work with us again. Which makes us very happy—we love our customers and relish the opportunity to grow lasting relationships with each and every one of you!

Coming Out on Top

We’re thrilled to have been named a “2016 Top Contractor” by Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction™, the leading publication serving contractors in the paving, sealcoating, pavement marking, and sweeping industries. We were ranked among the top in three of their five categories: Paving, Striping, and Sealcoating, and are featured in the June/July issue of Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction™, as well as online at ForConstructionPros.com.

Look at All Those Features

As a result of receiving the honor of “2016 Top Contractor” by Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction™, the magazine will feature us in the “Contractor Snapshot” column in a future issue. A big thank you to everyone who helped us achieve this momentous recognition!

20 Years Rockin’ the Paving Biz

When Megan Reger started this business back in 1996, her mission was simple: to start a paving company that was run so efficiently and passionately that it would stand out from the usual paving crowd. While, initially, the company may have stood out because of its two women owners (admittedly a rarity in the paving industry), Black Diamond quickly gained a reputation for the quality of its work and its commitment to the absolute satisfaction of its customers.

Originally comprised of an office staff of two and a handful of crew members, today Black Diamond has grown into an organization of almost 50 employees—sales representatives and controllers, accountants and consultants, technicians and crew members…each one part of a family of dedicated, passionate individuals who believe in Black Diamond’s honest, customer-focused ethos, and who lend their own rich, diverse personalities to our team.

We’ve come a long way from our humble origins, but with 20 years under our belt—and the continued support of our dedicated employees and clients—we’ve proven our reputation in this industry is rock solid.

The loyalty our customers have shown us over the years is inspiring, and we are truly grateful for your part in our success.

Thank you!

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