Asphalt Patching & Crack Sealing in Concord, CA

Here at Black Diamond Paving & Concrete, we have an absolute commitment to doing the highest quality pavement work on time and on budget. By doing this, we create and maintain trusted relationships with property managers, owners, government employees, and many others.

Recently, a very talented local property manager, who we have worked with for many years, called and wanted us to come out and inspect a Concord HOA property that she manages. The
property had numerous parking lots, pathways, and roads, and she felt the asphalt may need maintenance or repair.

To gain a better understanding of these issues, we sent one of our experienced commercial paving professionals out to inspect the property. Upon arrival, he met the the HOA board president and they surveyed the entire property together while making a detailed list of any asphalt cracks, potholes, alligator cracking, crumbling asphalt, or drainage issues.

Pavement repairs made to extend surface life

Overall, we found some areas needing minor asphalt repair (patching) and determined some pavement maintenance (crack seal and sealcoating to stop excessive pavement degradation) would solve the current problems and most likely give the HOA 5 more years of good, quality asphalt.

The president of the HOA board was very pleased to hear that their Concord property did not need a complete overhaul and repaving just yet. He took our detailed proposal back to the Board and the pavement project was approved.

Completing a commercial paving project with heavily used roads and parking lots takes expertise to make sure that business and life as usual are not unnecessarily disrupted. We believe the key to a successful project is good communication with the businesses and residents of any community we do work in.

We created our schedules and made the necessary notifications prior to beginning the first phase (parking lot repair) of the project. Our repair team completed all of the patching and overlay in only one day. Our maintenance team came back on schedule and completed the crack sealing and sealcoating. The project was a success!


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