It’s big. It’s multi-faceted.

To begin with, we don’t sell. We listen. And we advise, based on the client’s actual need. That may be a smaller job than some paving companies would recommend but if that’s the right solution for you, we will recommend it. For example, if you’re selling the property in a year, perhaps patching is a better solution, rather than replacing the entire lot.

At Black Diamond Paving, our team treats your money as we would our own, carefully, and help you make the most of it. There is a little self-interest here; happy customers are repeat customers.

The Differences

  • We demonstrate value by using our technical expertise and our understanding of the client’s business needs
  • We solve your problems by asking relevant questions and we also involve the client to help craft the best possible solution for the property
  • We try to see the job from the client’s point of view first
  • We provide clear, detailed proposals that include detailed descriptions of the work to be performed, quantities and locations of the repairs and site plans outlining the work areas
  • We treat all our clients with professionalism, respect, and courtesy