Black Diamond Named an Industry “Top Contractor”

…And What That Really Means!

For the fifth time since 2013, Black Diamond Paving has been named an industry “Top Contractor” by Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction, the paving industry’s leading trade publication. And this has us feeling like we’re on top of the world!

What Is the Top Contractor Award?

Each year Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction conducts an industry-wide survey open to almost 20,000 paving and pavement maintenance contractors to determine the contractors with the highest sales in four categories for the previous fiscal year.

Information provided by contractors is verified, and the results form the basis of the magazine’s Top Contractor lists. This year Black Diamond was named Top Contractor in two categories, Paving and Sealcoating—and it’s great to be recognized by our peers for our primary businesses. You can read more about this honor in the 2021 Pavement Maintenance Top Contractors Overview | For Construction Pros.

What the Top Contractor Award Means

From our standpoint, being named a Top Contractor means the industry in which we work recognizes the quality of the work we do and the strength of the business we operate. What an honor!

It also means we have one of the top-notch teams in the business, and that extends from the in-office folks making sure everything runs smoothly to the crews in the field getting the jobs done as bid and on schedule as promised. That’s no small feat, and we take great pride in our people and the work they do.

But perhaps most importantly, being recognized as a Top Contractor means that our customers—you—are working with one of the best, most reputable, most reliable, and most successful contractors in the industry. It means we understand your pavement and your needs, and we know how to work within your budget. It means we’re a solutions-oriented contractor driven to provide cost-effective options to help extend pavement life…so you can get the most value out of your pavement investment. That’s something we don’t take lightly, and it’s the main reason we’re proud of our Top Contractor recognition.

Does Your Pavement Need Help?

Industry-wide recognition is a great honor, to be sure. But we received that recognition because of the work we do and the way we work. And we’d be honored to help you manage your pavement—whether you need paving, sealcoating, repair, or concrete work.

So, if your pavement needs help, or even if you aren’t sure, reach out to one of the nation’s Top Contractors for a free on-site evaluation.

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