Village In The Park HOA

Monday 10/ Updated 4:10pm – UPDATE FOR YELLOW SECTION RESIDENTS – TRASH Pick Up and Overnight Closure.  

Residents who live in the Yellow Section on Treeview from the intersection of Foxhollow to Rampart.  The road within your area will remain closed overnight until tomorrow evening.  Trash trucks will not be able to enter this section tomorrow morning as it will be unsafe for them to drive over the exposed road interlayer material.  If you would like to have your trash picked up, you will need to stage your trash bins at one of the two trash pickup points.  See Map below – Trash points are marked in Red at the Yellow boundary points.

All Residents within the other sections the roads will be open.


Speed Bump Replacement: This will take place tomorrow as the crews works to complete the yellow section overlay, a smaller group will brake off and begin with the speed bump installs.  Please remain flexible as the immediate area where the bumps are being placed may be temporarily blocked to through traffic, thus please plan for a slight delay and use an alternate route.


STRIPING:  Another reminder that all parking areas which need to be re-striped will be closed on Wednesday 10/10.  The parking areas will re-open once the paint has dried.


Thank you for your patience and understanding, we are almost done!

-Alex Sarandinaki

(510)789 – 3044



Village in the Park will undergo an asphalt roadway and parking replacement.  This work is necessary to properly maintain the roads within the community and will keep them looking great.  Black Diamond Paving, our asphalt contractor, will also post this notice  and all future updates on this web page.

VIP FINAL – Asphalt Rehab Notice 9-18 CLICK TO SEE NOTICE

This website will contain detailed instructions, Map and Closure Updates and contact information.  Please check this regularly as it will contain information on any early openings, delays and expected completion times. The project will be intrusive and require the use of heavy equipment and will each take approximately 8 working days to fully complete.

TRASH PICK UP – Republic Services will schedule all related services for Village in the Park to be completed by 7:30 am on both 10/2 and 10/9. We have a asphalt project from 10/1 thru 10/12.  Please keep in mind that we may begin collection around 4:30 am in order to service your area and then move back to other streets that have restrictions due to street sweeping.  The Trash Company will do their best to avoid causing any inconvenience to the residents

PROJECT MAP: A Color Map is posted in the information kiosk at the Pool – Study the map to better understand the closures within the community.

Road Closure Plan


Web Site: Change to the project timing will be posted here on Check the site regularly during the project when you open the site, scroll down and click on Village In The Park


NO PARKING AND ROAD CLOSED SIGNS:  These signs will have the most up to date closure information for roadway and parking restrictions.  Read these signs and review the map posted at the clubhouse regularly as the information may change.


This website can also be utilized for more detailed information throughout the remainder of the project.  A phone call to the number below can also assist if you require additional clarity. 510.789.3044