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Every business in San Mateo, California want to impress their customers with a smooth and safe parking lot. The business owners and property managers in California always contact Black Diamond Paving & Concrete for excellent parking lot repair and other asphalt contractor services, because we have over two decades in the asphalt industry. We’re always looking to show off how excellent our end product is. We do this by bringing complete dedication and detail-oriented diligence to each project we complete. Black Diamond Paving & Concrete provides our customers with a wide range of asphalt paving and concrete services.

Top Asphalt Contractor Services

Black Diamond Paving & Concrete provides complete paving contractor services. These services include:


  • With over 20 years of experience in the paving business, Black Diamond puts its expertise to work for your property, creating a unique plan to meet your individual situation.
  • We know what it takes to manage a project expertly, and we go above and beyond to make sure the project goes smoothly for you and your tenants.
  • We develop the right strategy to solve your paving problems within your budget, timeline, and overall corporate maintenance philosophy.
  • Every project we take on is performed with the closest attention to detail by our attentive project managers and experienced, tenured crew.

Black Diamond Paving & Concrete can transform your old and worn out parking lot with our professional asphalt services.

San Mateo, California

San Mateo, California is located twenty-five minutes from San Francisco. The population is 97,207. San Mateo means “Saint Matthew” in Spanish. The city was incorporated in 1894. It is a charming city that has plenty of activities that anyone will enjoy.

Downtown is one of the well-developed areas in the San Francisco Bay areas. Downtown has over eight hundred restaurants and shop, and most of these businesses are located in historic buildings that date back to the late nineteenth century. There is also a twelve screen movie theater, and Central Park is located downtown. The park has a recreation center, a miniature train for kids to ride on, picnic areas, a playground, tennis courts, and a Japanese Tea Garden. The largest mall is the Hillsdale Mall. Hillsdale Mall has over one hundred stores. The Coyote Point Recreation Area is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. The Coyote Point Recreation Area offers fishing, boating, and swimming. There is a beach on the bay that has certified lifeguards, so swimming is safe.

The Apple Fritter Eatery is a local café that serves tasty and homemade doughnuts, apple fritters, burgers, and many other selections. The B Street and Vine is a popular wine café. The B Street and Vine is located in the heart of downtown and visitors can enjoy local wines and upscale dinners. Adults looking for nightlife can go to the Swingin’ Door, The Downtown Tiki Lounge, or the Bel Mateo Bowl. The Swingin’ Door is a British pub that has duel pianos and karaoke for customers. There is plenty of excitement awaiting visitors in San Mateo, California. There is history, outdoor and indoor activities, and exciting nightlife.

Black Diamond Paving & Concrete are the asphalt experts businesses can contact for all their asphalt services. We have over twenty years of experience in the asphalt industry. Contact us today and schedule a no-obligation consultation.

Current Local Projects

Repairs on a San Mateo parking lot

A few weeks ago, we completed some parking lot maintenance in San Mateo. The job came from a tech company in the city that was interested in having some minor parking lot repairs done quickly. The company was fairly new, and wanted to impress their investors when they came to visit. They needed everything to be perfect, and that included the parking lot.

We were happy to help and sent someone out to do a consultation straight away. When we arrived at the company’s main office, it was clear the parking lot was already in fairly good condition. There were some minor cracks here and there, but no indications of major damage in any part of the lot. The company’s owner explained that he had been very diligent about maintaining the lot and keeping it in good condition since he began renting the office space a few years ago. However, he was not impressed with the work of the last paving company he hired and was interested in finding a new, more qualified paving company specializing in parking lot repair in San Mateo. We assured him that our expertise and experience would not let him down.

Parking Lot Repairs Completed For Long-Term Durability

We drew up a plan for the company’s lot that focused mainly on parking lot crack filling to prevent any future damage. The lot was still new enough that no major patching or resurfacing was required. We also advised that the owner invest in sealcoating the parking lot, as that would give it a fresh, new look that was sure to impress his investors. The sealcoating would also help to prolong the lifespan of the asphalt. The owner was pleased with the plan, as well as the price estimate we gave him.

Work on the project began right away. Our team worked efficiently, getting the the cracks filled and patched in a quick but skillful manner. After the crack filling was complete, we began the process of sealcoating the asphalt. We were able to complete the project in less time than we originally anticipated, which greatly impressed the company’s owner. He was so pleased with the results and the quality of our work that he asked to set up a regular parking lot maintenance plan, so we could come back year-to-year to complete any necessary parking lot repairs. He even said he would recommend our services to other tech companies in the area.

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