Apartment Communities

We know apartment communities.

Return on Investment…. It’s the one thing that all commercial property owners and managers understand and work hard to maximize. We understand that your parking lots and pavement surfaces are critical to maintaining the appearance and functionality of your properties, and you need to get as much value as possible from them.

We understand that your job is also to balance all the competing interests (owners, investors, managers and tenants) and come up with an overall plan that balances both short and long term goals. The trouble is that many owners and managers don’t always know how to get the most for their maintenance dollar.

The Investment Life Cycle

Next to food, shelter is the most basic human need.  It’s what makes apartment ownership such a sound investment strategy.  In our discussions with owners and managers, we’ve learned that there is no single approach for maximizing your returns. For example, if your strategy is Acquisition-Rehab you’ll have a very different approach to maintenance than you would if the property is considered a Core Asset. Keeping this “Investment Life Cycle” in mind will help establish your maintenance priorities and guide you when it comes to the implementation of your repair plans.

As a tool to aid property managers we’ve created a full reference guide called Saving the Paving: An Apartment Owner’s and Manager’s Guide to Asphalt Maintenance.

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