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We know that in a world of NNN leases and challenging economic times, you may have a difficult time maintaining your property at a high appearance level while still keeping the maintenance charges as low as possible. That’s why we’re committed to developing maintenance plans that recognize this and work toward that goal. 

We understand that, in many instances, you may want to tackle a comprehensive project, but the cash flow of the property makes that impossible. That’s when we bring in our technical expertise and experience to craft a solution that works for all the property’s stakeholders. For example, we may be able to overlay your property rather than removing and replacing the entire lot. We may also recommend a smaller scale repair plan that improves the appearance of the parking lot while buying you time for a larger project in the future.

How We Can Help

  • Once we understand the “rules of the game” we will work with you to craft a proposal that fits your budget and meets the needs of your tenants.
  • We will meet with you and your key tenants prior to the start of the project to make sure we get their input on how to minimize the impact to their business and their customers.
  • We know you may have a large and geographically diverse portfolio, so our team can service California and Northern Nevada.
  • We also know one of the many difficulties of being a property manager is you have to be very knowledgeable in a wide variety of fields. Our mission is to help you understand all of your options and how best to keep your costs as low as possible.

As a tool to aid property managers we’ve created a full reference guide called Saving the Paving—A Property Owner’s and Manager’s Guide to Asphalt Maintenance

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