Commercial Pain Points

How We Mitigate Project Management Migraines for Commercial Property Managers

Last month, we tackled the pain points that plague our HOA property manager friends and showed just how great we are at alleviating those paving project headaches. Commercial property managers, don’t fret—this month is all yours! While many of the pain points may seem similar at face value, we are very aware that the particular challenges of dealing with commercial tenants, business owners, and their customers can bring on a migraine all their own.

No need to reach for the aspirin bottle just yet. The cure can often be found by employing good practices in education, communication, and budgeting well before the major project is underway. Our Diamond Standard process was created with commercial properties and all their paving-related peculiarities in mind. It was designed, in fact, to keep the pressure off of YOU…a beautiful thing, indeed.

Here’s what we’ve learned:

Estimates Are the Bane of a Property Manager’s Existence.

The last time you put out a request for quotes on your paving project, did it feel like you somehow solicited a handful of wildly different documents? Did you end up looking at vastly different numbers and scopes of work? If you set them side by side and saw an orange, a grapefruit, and a kumquat, you are not alone.

Our Diamond Standard process cuts through all the citrus to give you one blessedly simple, standard pavement rating system. Designed by engineers, this system—called PASER—defines best practices based on pavement condition to ensure you get the right solution for your properties today, tomorrow, next year…even 20 years down the road. We even provide you with a copy of our findings, which allows you to verify the assessment and ratings for yourself. So take that citrus and make lemonade…you’ve earned it.

Knowledge Pays Dividends.

Forecasting Pavement Maintenance

About those estimates…. Pavement is an investment that invites all sorts of differing opinions—a fact which becomes even more obvious when you solicit quotes for your yearly budgeting purposes. Those wildly different documents we mentioned above are a very common issue—one which is definitely not much help when it comes to setting a realistic budget.

Our Diamond Standard process looks at each one of your properties and builds a forecast based on their pavement ratings and rate of deterioration. The result is an accurate projection of costs for 20+ years. We know from decades of experience that the march of pavement deterioration will keep on keeping on at a pretty predictable rate, and we deliver that information in a nice, neat package—basically a crystal ball showing you the critical information you need now and through 2040.

Bar chart showing the pavement life cycle; excellent at 0-5 years, Very Good at 5-7 years, Good at 7-15 years, Poor at 15-25 years, and Failed at 25-35 years
Setting up a Long Term Plan

Once you have the forecast in hand you can effectively advocate for a proactive approach with regards to your pavement maintenance. But what do you do if the property owners are content with basic patching and sealcoating while your tenants are becoming disgruntled with the unsightly surface? All those discolored and uneven patch jobs sure don’t help leasing potential, either.

Enter: more information and education. We provide objective data to owners and managers on the pavement lifecycle and how proactive maintenance can save an average of 35% over reactive maintenance. Who doesn’t like to save some big dollars while keeping things looking neat and welcoming? Best practice maintenance provides you, your tenants, and the property owners with a win/win scenario for years to come.

Chart showing the deterioration of pavement condition (y-axis) over time (x-axis) and how regular basic maintenance and repair keeps pavement in the good-to-fair range for up to 28 years; chart indicates each $2 of renovation cost while in the good-to-fair range will end up costing $6-$8 if delayed until pavement reaches poor condition

Money Makes the World Go ’Round.

Sigh. We know. It often comes right down to dollars and cents. And when you get estimates that ALL exceed your budget, it can lead to ALL sorts of headaches. Our cure is to build solutions for now that stay within your budget and get you on track for long-term savings. Even the tightest of budgets still have room for us to squeeze in and give you a plan that will make you smile. We also provide you with an accurate multi-year forecast that can be used for building funding into future reserves. Budget-induced headaches are a thing of the past.

It’s Time to Ditch the Soup Cans.

Sometimes, despite the advanced technological era we live in, it seems like communication hasn’t really evolved past a couple of tin cans and a string. When it comes to undertaking a paving project, this lack of connection can lead to all sorts of inconveniences, such as delays, poor traffic control, towed vehicles, irate tenants, and general chaos.

When you sign on for a paving project with Black Diamond, you’ll be pleased to find we communicate with excellence and style throughout the length of your project. From door hangers to detailed work plans and solid deadlines, we keep the lines of communication wide open and responsive. You will also have access to your project managers’ mobile numbers for any in-the-moment questions that might arise. Settle in, and be ready for your phone to NOT ring. It’s a beautiful thing, courtesy of our seamless project management and incredible, dedicated team.

Ready. Set. GO!

Throughout the nooks, crannies, cracks, and occasional puddles you face, we look forward to being your asphalt and concrete partner. Our team is dedicated and experienced in providing resources and support to you in ways big and small. We will go step by step with you through your pavement’s life cycle…and beyond!

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