HOA in Dublin, CA – Sealcoating and Line striping project

At Black Diamond Paving & Concrete, we uphold a solid commitment to excellence in customer service. We’re proud to have formed lasting, trusted relationships with many HOA, commercial, and community property managers throughout the years, and are continually delighted to make new acquaintances—to show them how quality pavement projects can be completed on time, on budget, and with little disruption to the daily routine of the community.

Last spring we were approached by a fairly new client of ours, for whom we had previously completed a pavement maintenance project on one of Northern California properties she manages. She was so pleased with the outcome of that project, she thought of us first when concerns about her Dublin HOA property arose.

We quickly scheduled a walk-through of the HOA community to assess the needs of this particular property. The neighborhood is a relatively new development, so there weren’t many issues with the existing pavement, though our experienced project manager and paving professional did a thorough search for any potholes, drainage issues, and asphalt cracking or crumbling.

Striping and sealing for large HOA

The parking lots and roads needed re-striping and the addition of red fire lane lines, and we recommended some basic pavement maintenance: a sealcoat to keep the surfaces looking fresh and to prevent any problems from developing.

Once we made our recommendations and submitted a proposed timeline, the HOA Board quickly approved the plan, and we got to work. The job consisted of two phases, to be carried out within just a few days of each other. To make things easier on the residents, we shut the streets down overnight and had everything back up and running by the next morning.

As always, we put up plenty of notifications beforehand and worked with residents to ensure they were inconvenienced as little as possible. As a result, not only were we able to anticipate and minimize frustrations, we were able to work with the residents to complete the work quickly and efficiently.

For her part, the property manager was impressed by how streamlined Black Diamond’s process is, and because of the clear signage and notices we use, the whole project went as smoothly as she could have hoped. The Board and community are happy with the work done, and we’re proud to have completed another job to our customer’s full satisfaction.

“Black Diamond is great!” Property Manager Natasha Fierro said. “This is the second project we’ve worked with them on, and I’ve already asked them to put a proposal in on another project.”

We’re excited to have begun a lasting relationship with Natasha, and look forward to working with her often!

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