HOA Pain Points

How We Relieve Paving Project Headaches for HOA Property Managers

Managing the property of a Homeowners Association comes with its fair share of responsibility and, occasionally, its share of frustration. Ensuring residents and board members are happy is often a balancing act between education, communication, and budgeting. When it comes time to undertake a major project, like asphalt or concrete maintenance, that balance can get tricky.

We’ve taken on many, many paving projects over the years and have worked with many, many HOA property managers. Not all of them came to us first (we understand—there’s a lot of competition out there), and the ones who have worked with other contractors tend to bring up the same major issues. We came to call these “pain points,” and used each conversation as a learning opportunity to devise a Diamond Standard process that takes as much of that pressure off of you as possible.

Here’s what we’ve learned:

Knowledge is Power.

Understanding the Pavement Life Cycle

Consider this situation: You’re getting complaints from community members that certain sections of pavement are failing, but half your board thinks it can wait another few years. Or perhaps they think the wrong maintenance solution has been used and are wary of spending more money. Perhaps you’ve received estimates from other paving contractors with wildly different suggestions about what’s wrong and how to fix it. Sound familiar?

Whether your surfaces are pristine or in disrepair, the pavement life cycle keeps on with its steady march. That’s why knowing what happens in the next stage is critical for good decision making. Our team can help you and your board members understand this cycle, so you can better anticipate the needs of your property and cut down on confusion and costly surprises.

Forecasting Pavement Maintenance

Another pain point we hear a lot? “My residents don’t understand why we have to budget so many dollars to a reserve fund when the roads look just fine.”

Understanding the pavement life cycle can help head off this concern, as well. Through our Diamond Standard process, we educate everyone on the rate of deterioration and the cost to maintain the roadways and parking areas. When they see clearly how much you stand to gain from proper maintenance (and, more importantly, how much you stand to LOSE without it), they’ll realize the importance of preventive versus reactive maintenance. Best-practice maintenance plans, presented with a healthy dose of experience and our unique ability to educate, mean you and your board will be well-positioned to make decisions for today and years to come.

Money Does Grow on Trees.

Okay, maybe that’s a stretch. But we HAVE learned there’s usually a solution to even the tightest of budgets. If you’ve ever solicited estimates for pavement maintenance just to find that your reserve funds are insufficient for the recommended repairs, you are definitely not alone. We hear this a lot—so much so, that we’ve not only devised a solution to help meet your available funds, but we also provide the data you need to replenish those funds for the future.

Oranges Aren’t Apples.

Speaking of soliciting estimates, taking bids for major projects like paving often results in a dazzling and confusing mix of information. Three proposals from three paving contractors could contain such wildly different approaches and scopes of work, you might wonder if they were even looking at the same property. It’s difficult to know how to proceed when you’re not sure everyone’s even speaking the same language.

Our Diamond Standard process uses a pavement rating system (PASER), developed by engineers, that clearly defines the condition of your pavement and suggests best-practice solutions, accordingly. It takes the oranges off the table entirely, so you have the information you need to make the best decisions for your property. Additionally, we provide you with a copy of our assessment that will allow you to verify the ratings yourself.

Communication is Priceless.

Think back to the last time your property had pavement maintenance done. Were the residents notified about when and where the work was to be done? Did cars have to be towed away? How many angry calls did you get from residents who were completely inconvenienced by the whole process?

You shouldn’t be put on the spot because the contractor you hired failed to consider residents’ daily routines or inform them of what to expect. It’s our job to take the biggest headache off your plate and deliver to you the smoothest project imaginable. When it comes to communication, we are a dream come true.

Our Diamond Standard process includes a comprehensive project plan that details work phases and completion dates and is easily accessed through an online portal. Not only that, but we make sure every home in the community gets an informative door hanger, and we also provide residents with the mobile contacts for project team members in case they have any on-the-spot questions or concerns. Our project management is seamless, time tested, and greatly valued by residents and decision makers, alike.

Ready. Set. GO!

Throughout the nooks, crannies, cracks, and occasional puddles you face, we look forward to being your asphalt and concrete partner. Our team is dedicated and experienced in providing resources and support to you in ways big and small. We will go step by step with you through your pavement’s life cycle…and beyond!

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