Leave Your Mark with Stamped Concrete

Think concrete is blah and boring? Think again! Stamped concrete can transform the everyday same-old-same-old into a vision of beauty, as unique as you are. Take a standard pool deck and turn it into a masterpiece with a stamped natural stone look and contrasting edging. Or add elegance to your community center with a faux cobblestone drive. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

Sound intriguing? Here are a few pro tips to get you going:

Pick Your Texture

If you’re longing for a natural stone look but don’t quite have a natural stone budget, stamped concrete could be the answer. The appearance of cobblestones, slate, pebbles, etc. can easily be mimicked, creating a nicely textured surface without the labor of setting individual stones. And if stone isn’t your thing, opt for a faux wood or brick effect.

Oh, the Colors

The sky’s the limit when choosing colors for your stamped concrete. The ability to combine shades and hues and choose from a selection of sealers means you can create a look that is custom to your desires. As an added benefit, the sealers incorporate UV protection to keep fading minimal, even in the sunniest of spots.

The Nitty Gritty

If your surface is going to see lots of wet feet (a pool deck, for instance), a non-skid grit can make the surface both safe and easy on the toes. No more rough edges to snag a swimsuit upon while hanging out poolside. You can keep the color light and bright as well to keep the temperature down in sunny spaces.

Mix It Up

For added interest, consider doing accent areas that merge with traditional concrete. A stamped stone border around the perimeter of a parking lot keeps things looking clean and professional, for instance, and a patterned entryway lends an air of sophistication to an otherwise humdrum pool area.

Easy Upkeep

It may be beautiful, but stamped concrete is far from high maintenance. Once you have it in place, all that’s needed is an occasional hosing down to remove grime and a reapplication of sealer every 2-3 years. Whether used in a pool setting, a driveway, or patio, the sealer provides the extra bonus of barrier protection to water, chemicals, spills, and more.

Is your interest piqued? If you’d like to explore how stamped concrete can add ambiance and durability to your outdoor spaces, give us a call!

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