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Your Road to Paving Excellence: HOA Property Managers & Board Members Guide

One of the biggest challenges facing property managers and board members of homeowner’s associations is how to best maintain and repair the asphalt and concrete pavement in their community(s). What may seem like only aesthetic maintenance can quickly turn into costly infrastructure repairs. Have you ever found yourself faced with: Awarding a contract to the […]

The Similarities and Differences Between Slurry Coat and Seal Coat

The Similarities and Differences Between Slurry Coat and Seal Coat   Properly maintaining the pavement in your community or commercial parking lot not only extends the life of your investment, but it saves you money in the long run. However, knowing the right maintenance option for your pavement may be challenging because each surface is […]

We’re Growing…A Lot!

You may have noticed a small change to our logo and wondered what it means. We’re thrilled to announce that Black Diamond Paving & Concrete is expanding—we’ve joined forces with Atlantic Southern Paving! This is an exciting development for us…and for our clients, too. Here’s why:                     National Paving Capabilities Atlantic Southern Paving is a national […]

Pull the Plug on Your Parking Lot Pond

The Problem with Standing Water in Parking Lots When it rains, you might end up with a lot of standing water in your parking lot, which creates a safety hazard for the people who use it. If you’re a driver, your tires might have trouble engaging the pavement and stopping your car. If you’re a […]

Black Diamond: More Than Just Paving

At Black Diamond, when someone asks for our elevator pitch, we just say we’re the best paving and concrete company in California. But we’re not in an elevator right now. We’re on a blog. And that means we have a lot more room to elaborate. So, here’s a detailed look at everything we do:  We […]

Seasonal Effects on Asphalt

The seasons are changing, and so is your asphalt. What do those changes look like? That’s a great question. And this article has all the answers.                    The Hot and Cold Seasons Your Asphalt Might Expand and Crack Extreme temperatures tend to wreak havoc on pavement. Consider the following two scenarios: But there’s no need to […]

Just Another Bump in the Road

The Pros and Cons of Speed Bumps People drive too fast. Way too fast. In fact, they drive so fast, society had to come up with several different ways to slow them down and keep everyone safe. Signs announce an area’s speed limits. Cops lie in wait with radar guns. Old men shake their fists […]

How To Make Your Lot A Lot Safer

We’ve all been there…. You’re in a parking lot and a car slams into a light post. Or a truck gets burglarized. Or a scooter takes a blind corner, drives into a magical portal, and vanishes into The Spirit Realm. Okay, maybe that last situation is a bit far fetched, but you’ve seen enough to […]

Asphalt vs. Concrete Parking Lots

Your parking lot is a hideous mess of cracks, divots, and potholes, and you’ve already made the weighty decision to have it replaced. But now you have to make a more complex decision; do you want that parking lot made out of asphalt or concrete? This article walks you through some of the biggest factors […]

Crack Sealing 101

Everyone knows it’s bad when your pavement cracks. But very few people understand why. Here are three main reasons: Cracking leads to more cracking; if it goes untreated, the problem escalates. Water makes its way through those cracks, which can lead to potholes. These are objectively worse than cracks. Cracks are just so dang ugly. […]

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