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Alien Life Meets Alien Concrete

How Concrete Factors Into the Race to Reside on Mars Life on Mars never sounded so good…. Are we right, fellow Earth-dwellers? After all, an escape to the Red Planet and partying with tiny green men might be exactly what everyone needs right now. Happily, innovations in concrete are in the works that may get […]

Asphalt and Plastics

Crushing It, One Bottle at a Time Do you ever wonder where plastic bottles and bags end up after you drop them into the recycling bin? As it turns out, you might be walking and driving on the answer. As our dear readers of Love2Pave know, the world of asphalt is an amazing place where […]

Commercial Pain Points

How We Mitigate Project Management Migraines for Commercial Property Managers Last month, we tackled the pain points that plague our HOA property manager friends and showed just how great we are at alleviating those paving project headaches. Commercial property managers, don’t fret—this month is all yours! While many of the pain points may seem similar […]

HOA Pain Points

How We Relieve Paving Project Headaches for HOA Property Managers Managing the property of a Homeowners Association comes with its fair share of responsibility and, occasionally, its share of frustration. Ensuring residents and board members are happy is often a balancing act between education, communication, and budgeting. When it comes time to undertake a major […]

Black Diamond’s Diamond Standard

When it comes to finding your best partner in the pavement industry, look no further than Black Diamond Paving & Concrete. Our Diamond Standard process is a four step comprehensive program that delivers everything you ever thought you’d need, plus a few things you may have never dreamed of. It provides an accessible solution that […]

How to Win Friends and Influence People with Concrete Trivia

If you are an avid reader of our Love2Pave blog (and who isn’t?) you will have gathered that we tend to geek out when it comes to all things asphalt and concrete. It’s a fascinating field to be in, filled with new discoveries encompassing what is, essentially, very old and quite humble materials. We could […]

The Benefits of Concrete Reach New Depths

Can Concrete Save Our Coral Reefs? The life cycle of concrete is a spectacular one. From its humble beginnings as mere gravel, sand, and cement it is transformed into expanses of surface area as far as the eye can see and looming skyscrapers as high as the eye can see. Inevitably, however, what goes up, […]

A Tale of Two Pavements

It’s a story as old as time. Okay, maybe not quite as old as time…maybe just as old as 1870, which is when modern asphalt came into being.  Picture this: Two parking lots sit across the street from each other. One is glossy and pristine and boasts a rich, dark, unmarred surface while the other […]

To Buy or Not to Buy?

We talk a lot on our Love2Pave blog about the steps you can take to ensure your surfaces stay in tip top shape for all of your existing properties. But our expertise in all things asphalt and concrete can be a real asset when you are considering making an acquisition as well. The acquisition equation […]

Octopuses and Concrete: Not So Different, After All

The world of concrete innovations often seems to take on a surreal ingenuity. Take for example, the glowing concrete we wrote about a few months ago which played on what could best be described as lighting bug technology. Now, to add to the list, we introduce the concept of Bio-Concrete with self healing capabilities. Concrete […]