Love 2 Pave

To Buy or Not to Buy?

We talk a lot on our Love2Pave blog about the steps you can take to ensure your surfaces stay in tip top shape for all of your existing properties. But our expertise in all things asphalt and concrete can be a real asset when you are considering making an acquisition as well. The acquisition equation […]

Octopuses and Concrete: Not So Different, After All

The world of concrete innovations often seems to take on a surreal ingenuity. Take for example, the glowing concrete we wrote about a few months ago which played on what could best be described as lighting bug technology. Now, to add to the list, we introduce the concept of Bio-Concrete with self healing capabilities. Concrete […]

Every Crack Tells a Story

We talk a lot about the importance of regular maintenance when it comes to your paved surfaces. After all, catching problems early on is one of the best ways to get maximum life out of your asphalt, saving you money and headaches in the long run. That’s why doing a yearly visual assessment of your […]

Pool Projects that Go Swimmingly

You may associate Thomas Edison most closely with the harnessing of electricity and the invention of the lightbulb, but did you know that he also attempted some wild innovations in concrete? He even went so far as to patent and implement concrete homes. These structures were entirely constructed with a single pour mold that encompassed […]

Hey Asphalt, Hold My Water

In a world that increasingly demands our natural resources be protected, there’s a lot to be said for asphalt’s nearly 100% recyclability. The life cycle of pavement creates a neat circle, beginning with crushed stone mixed with liquid asphalt and then spread along our roadways, driveways, paths and other surfaces throughout the country. When its […]

Supervillains of the Asphalt Universe

Here at Black Diamond, we don’t make our employees wear capes with their uniforms, but maybe we should. They wage war every day against villains threatening the longevity of your asphalt surfaces. But who are these culprits looking to wreak havoc on your smooth and perfect pavement? Allow us to introduce the greatest offenders of […]

The Future (of Roadway Lighting) is Bright

Wouldn’t things be easy if all the answers on life’s path were right there, glowing gloriously ahead of us? While life’s biggest question—“what’s for dinner?”—continues to cause daily conflict and strife, we can report exciting advances on lighting the roadways, bike paths, and sidewalks that lead to your favorite pizza place, pub, or steakhouse.  Keeping […]

Finding a Contractor is Easy as 1-2-3-4-5

When considering a major asphalt upgrade or maintenance project for your residential or retail property, it may seem daunting to find a contractor who is right for the job. Although there are many contractors who are willing to give quotes, how do you pick the one that is right for your property and budget? There […]

Sealcoating: It’s All in a Day’s Work

If you’re like many property managers, you spend most days walking and driving across your property’s surfaces with little regard to the surface itself. That is, until you notice a few cracks next to your favorite parking spot or that bit of sidewalk which has started to crumble. At this point, a little Asphalt Denial […]

ADA: We Keep You Compliant

An important aspect of being in the asphalt business is knowing our audience. Not just the property managers and boards—the individuals who frequent those paved surfaces each and every day bring a unique set of needs and considerations to a property. Depending on the client needs, whether they be residential or commercial, we create a […]