Paving 101

A great paving job is more than just rocks and tar.

For most properties, your asphalt surfaces make up one of the largest investments you have to deal with as a property manager or owner. Because of this, it’s definitely not recommended that you go into the process blind. At Black Diamond Paving & Concrete, we believe in the old adage, “knowledge is power.” So, we walk you through the paving process step by step to make sure, as a team, we make the right decisions for you, your tenants, board, and budget.

The Paving Process

A great paving job starts before the big machinery even hits the ground. First, we’d like to meet you—and your pavement. Our paving contractor team will come to your location and do a thorough asphalt analysis and evaluation of your property. We’ll get to know the condition of your asphalt layer and underlying base so we can provide a comprehensive estimate for the asphalt paving or repairs that may be needed.

Prep and Excavation

The first thing our professional crew will do before we start any excavation work is to mark off any sprinkler, plumbing or electrical systems. This is for our safety and our customers. Our crew will then start the excavation process. We will dig deep to remove any soft material, clay, and all damaged asphalt. Black Diamond Paving & Concrete has all the appropriate excavation equipment and crew to handle any paving project.

Base and Grading

For the proper parking lot installation we will use the appropriate amount of stone that has been processed and crushed for the base layer. This is one of the most important aspects of a quality paving project. Our crew will use a skid steer to spread the stone base. It allows for the base to be laid specifically for correct water drainage, then we use our graders. The base is then rolled with a vibratory roller machine, so the base is compacted properly. The vibratory roller will be repeated until the proper thickness of is achieved.

Asphalt Laying and Compacting

The Black Diamond Paving & Concrete dump trucks are ready to apply the fresh, hot pavement mix. Our experienced team schedules the job to ensure very minimal cooling and down time. The compacting process is followed after the hot pavement mix has been applied. We use our vibratory drum roller once again over the surface to provide a strong and durable finish that is smooth. Our crew will hand tamp the edges, so that a forty-five angle is achieved in the final asphalt paving. Doing this will add strength to the pavement that is needed to support weight from vehicles.

Completed Parking Lot Installation

The paving contractor work is now complete and you will have a durable, strong, and smooth surface that will add value to any property. Black Diamond Paving & Concrete uses only the best equipment available, so that we can provide our customers with the highest quality of asphalt services available. Each parking lot that we install will be the result of a high attention to detail that our customers deserve. Each job will get done quickly, on time, and on budget as well. Black Diamond Paving & Concrete is the expert paving contractor that you can trust your next project with. We go that extra mile to ensure that your parking lot will be tough and durable for many, many years.

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