Potholes fixed in a Santa Clara Parking Lot

Last month, a church gave us a call regarding a job involving parking lot repair in Santa Clara. We sent someone out to walk the property and figure out how extensive the job would be. The church’s lot was in average condition, and the church’s pastor informed us that they did use regular parking lot maintenance services. However, despite their efforts, they still ended up with a decent sized pothole in their parking lot. The church became aware of the problem after one of their shuttle buses struggled driving around it. There were also some minor cracks that were not currently causing problems, but could present an issue in the future.

The church was eager to have the pothole patched up immediately. They were concerned about further property damage and the possibility of injury for members of their congregation. We assured them that we had the expertise in parking lot repair and could solve their problem effectively. While the parking lot patching was certainly the most urgent task to complete, we recommended that the church have some crack filling done as well. We explained that this would help prevent future potholes from springing up and causing problems again.

Plan created – Parking Lot Repair Work begins

The church was fully on board with our plan and pleased with our cost estimate. They also requested that we come back as needed, when the lot is due for sealcoating and striping. We agreed and, shortly after, plans moved forward on the pavement repair in Santa Clara.

Because of the church’s large congregation, the pastor was concerned with not having enough parking spots while the repairs were being made. We worked out a plan to complete the asphalt repairs in staggered parts, leaving sections open so churchgoers would still be able to make it to service. Once we finished a section and enough time had passed for the new asphalt to harden, we reopened that section and moved on to a new part of the lot. Though this system lengthened the time it took to make the repairs, it was a plan that worked for the church, and we were more than happy to accommodate their needs. Once everything was finally finished, the pastor thanked us for our flexibility and told us how pleased he was with the repairs. We look forward to working with them again next year.

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