Knowledge really is power.

At Black Diamond Paving & Concrete, we are firm believers that a well-informed client makes the best decisions—for their tenants, for their property, for their budget. With that in mind, we’ve created several handy reference materials to help get you up to speed with all things paving and concrete.

Saving the Paving for HOAs

An Asphalt Maintenance Guide for Homeowner Association Managers and Board Members.

Saving the Paving for Retail/Commercial

An Asphalt Maintenance Guide for Retail/Commercial Property Owners and Managers—

Saving the Paving for Apartments

An Asphalt Maintenance Guide for Apartment Owners and Managers—

Sample Rehabilitation Plan: Willow Park HOA

Rehabilitation Plan for Willow Park Home Owners Association—

Sample Rehabilitation Plan: Main Chance HOA

Rehabilitation Plan for Main Chance Home Owners Association—


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