Asphalt Overlay Time Lapse- Black Diamond Paving

A time lapse Asphalt Overlay video at Drakes Landing Rd in Larkspur, CA. Get 'er done!!

Crack Fill- Black Diamond Paving

Crack fill "how-to" guide provided by Black Diamond Paving. This maintenance procedure helps prevent water infiltration into the base soil of your asphalt property. The process involves a hot or cold fill of sealant molded into asphalt cracks.

Cement Soil Treatment- Black Diamond Paving

Cement soil treatment done by black diamond paving

Patch Paving- Black Diamond Paving

The meat and potatoes of what we do!! Patch paving is our most common structural maintenance procedure. See our step by step video tutorial on how it's repaired by Black Diamond Paving.

Infrared Patching- Black Diamond Paving

Your step by step demo of how Infrared patching is done by Black Diamond Paving.

Diamond Certified- Black Diamond Paving

Black Diamond Paving has been rated & identified by over 180 consumers as one of the highest quality local companies. We've maintained a 96% customer satisfaction rating for over 5 years and as such, have been awarded the prestigious Diamond Certification.

Sealcoat & Striping- Black Diamond Paving

Sealcoating is one of the most common preventative maintenance procedures. Sealcoating is the process of applying a protective material to the surface of asphalt pavement, preventing water from penetrating the surface and protecting the top layer of asphalt from oxidation and wear caused by exposure to sun, air, and water. While this procedures does NOT improve the structure of the pavement, it does improve the look of pavement, providing a smooth, black, even surface that is ideal for painting lines (striping).

Asphalt Overlay- Black Diamond Paving

Black Diamond Paving- Asphalt Overlay. Suggested maintenance for Stage 4 of the pavement life cyle (15-25 years).

The Pavement Life Cycle: Powered by: Black Diamond Paving, Inc.

An informational overview presented to you by Black Diamond Paving Inc. where we discuss the following. - The pavement life cycle. - The suggested maintenance options for each of the 5 stages. - Ways for you to maximize your investment & lower your overall cost of paving.