RED AREAS CLOSED to all traffic 7:00am – 7:00pm


Casa Del Valle HOA will undergo a concrete and asphalt repair project starting on Monday November 9th with the expected completion of the project by 7:00pm that evening.


This work is necessary to properly maintain the roads within the community and will keep them looking great.  Black Diamond Paving, our asphalt contractor, will also post this notice and all future updates on their website  which will contain detailed instructions, updates and contact information.  Please check this regularly as it will contain information on any early openings, delays and expected completion times.



ASPHALT REPAIRS –  Are expected to be complete in 1 day.  The  repairs will be intrusive and will require the closure of the roadways and parking area within the red sections.

The Yellow sections will remain open, however expect delays when the crew is working in the area.  Green sections will remain open with minor delays.


Please study the color phase map to better understand how the closure will impact you.


We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding with regard to this project.  The crew performing the work is awesome and very helpful, but will require your patience so that they can get the job done as seamlessly and as quickly as possible.


What to Expect Before and After the Project Starts:


  • You will receive a project notice with detailed information on your garage door.


  • Black Diamond Paving will place also No Parking & Road Closed signs within the community and will clearly mark out the phase locations using white paint on the road.


  • You will not be able to re-enter the closed section of the community until all barricades have been removed by a Black Diamond Paving representative.


  • Plan to move your vehicles to a legal parking space outside of the community the night prior to work beginning in your section of the property.


  • The management company or Black Diamond Paving will not be able to tell you where to park your cars on the nights where your section will be closed. Please seek street parking and pay attention to all laws and signs.


  • Remember that any vehicles left parked on the roadways or in parking areas that are to be closed will be towed at the owner’s expense.


  • If you plan to be on vacation during this time, please make sure that your vehicle is not parked in any visitor parking spot or road surface within the work area.


  • You will be able to access your homes at all times during the project by foot – just not through your garage door.


  • “Pardon our Dust” The entire project process will create dust and will be a dirty process – It is advisable to keep your windows closed, cars parked away from work areas especially if you are sensitive to the dust and noise.


  • Black Diamond Paving nor the Association will be responsible for cleaning the interior of homes, garages or providing car washes due to dust caused from construction.


If you are in need of a reasonable accommodation, please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

You can contact Black Diamond Paving at (510)  789-3044 if you need additional clarity or would like to request a reasonable accommodation