Monte Vista HOA

Sealcoat Project Information

Project Dates:

ROAD SECTIONS CLOSE AT 7:30 am (sharp) and OPEN the following morning by 9:00 am



Monte Vista HOA – Is performing the last portion of the road maintenance project which will re-seal the entire asphalt roadway and parking areas to protect the surface of the asphalt as well as boost the overall aesthetics of the community.  This work will be intrusive and will have parking and traffic restrictions for the duration of the project and cure time.

Sealcoat surface treatment of asphalt roadways and all asphalt parking spaces within the community will take place on the dates listed above. During these times, vehicles will not be allowed to enter or leave the closed section of the community. The color map on the reverse side of this notice contains information regarding the areas which will be closed to all vehicle traffic and parking for each project day.

Sealcoat looks and behaves similarly to paint.  It has the appearance of dry and wet.  Wet seal will have a shine to it, dry seal coat will have a matte finish.  Use extreme caution as the sealcoat will destroy your shoes and will track into your homes or concrete walkways causing damage.

Vehicles left parked in work sections which are closed, WILL BE TOWED AT THE OWNERS EXPENSE

  • Mark your calendars and plan ahead.
  • Read the No Parking Signs – They have the dates and phase color on them
  • Road sections will be closed to all vehicle traffic once work begins – (Emergency Vehicles Only)
  • Please park outside of the work area in a legal parking space inside or outside of the community. The Board of Directors, Its property manager and Black Diamond Paving cannot provide additional parking information or instruction. Suggestion: Move your vehicles to a legal parking space outside of the work area the night prior to work beginning in the morning.
  • If you park inside of a garage, and do not plan to travel during the project you may leave your inside.  All open car port areas will be closed.
  • The cleaning process (performed first thing in the morning) may generate dust – Please keep your windows and doors to dampen any noise and keep things clean.
  • Mail Delivery – If the Post Office is not able to deliver mail for any reason, it will be held at the nearest post office until it is picked up by the resident. Please note that Mail will not be sent back to the sender and will resume once the project is complete
  • Do Not Re-Enter the closed section of the community until all barricades have been removed by a Black Diamond Paving representative.
  • Be careful and watch your step – Black Diamond Paving, The HOA, or its Manager will not be liable for any personal property damage due to tracking of material inside or outside of homes.
  • Do not attempt to drive through closed work areas it is both dangerous and will damage the new work. Residents who disregard closed areas and cause damage to any part of the new work will be financially responsible for any required repairs.
  • The roadways shall re-open at approximately 9:00 am the following day.
  • Scuffing and light tracking is normal for the first 6 – 8 weeks post the completion of the project as the material cures.


Please contact Alex Project Manager  (510) 789 – 3044