Stonebrae HOA (Village A) – Sealcoat Project

Project Title – Stonebrae HOA (Village A) – Sealcoat Project

 Live Current Status: Phase 3 of the project is in progress, and Phase 4 will begin on Thursday as planned.

 Latest Update – No updates available at this time.

 Project Start Date: August 14th

Project Completion Date: The final phase of the project will be completed on Friday August 30th. Temporary “STOP” signs will be placed within the community until all markings have been re-painted.

 Expected Road Closure Hours: Each section will be closed from 7:30am until the following morning.

 Project Manager: Chris Soria

                            Cell Phone: 510-366-4204

                            E-Mail Address:

BDP – Stonebrae HOA – Seal Notice – 8-19