The Ridge of San Rafael Sealcoat Project

The Ridge of San Rafael Homeowners Association


The project will take place on one day with a 24 hour (min) closure of the road.

ROADS CLOSE at 7:00 am   Tuesday June 16th 

Roads open by 9:00 am Wednesday June 17th

Please read this notice completely, it explains how this project will impact you and help you plan. No Parking and Road Closed signs with dates and times are posted as additional reminders. Vehicles violating signs and barricades on the date of the project WILL BE TOWED at the vehicle owner’s expense.

  • Black Diamond Paving will barricade the roads within the work sections at 7:30am and will begin cleaning the roads then, applying the sealcoat within the community on the dates mentioned above. We expect to be completed with the surface treatment by early afternoon and will keep the roads closed overnight to allow the material to dry.  Re-striping/painting is expected to occur that afternoon, but if the material is still soft, the crew will return in the early morning open the work area once the work is complete.


  • Re-locate your vehicle(s) from the property the night prior to the scheduled start time to a legal parking spot outside of the closed work area.


  • Sealcoat is like paint; it has a shiny appearance when wet and a matte appearance when dry. Once it is matte, it will be safe to walk on, or drive a golf cart.  However, do this at your own risk, use caution and watch for wet spots especially in shady areas.


  • Residents attempting to leave after the roads have been barricaded will be stopped and not allowed to proceed, if any damage to the road has occurred, it will be documented, and the resident will be responsible for any repairs needed – No Exceptions


Before Work Begins:


  • Plan Ahead for Limited Access Suggestions: Get groceries & medications – Inform any guests, vendors, and deliveries that the roads are closed – Get kids out the door a bit earlier and expect delays.


  • The work sections will be closed to all vehicle traffic once crews arrive – (Construction and Emergency vehicles only)


  • Any vehicles left parked on the roadways or in parking areas on the morning of the project Will Be Towed at Owner’s Expense.


  • Please keep all doors and windows closed during this project as the work will generate dust during the cleaning process. If you are concerned about your car getting dusty, please make sure to either relocate it away from the work area away. The HOA nor its contractors will be responsible for washing cars or other personal property.
  • All Irrigation systems need to be turned off 24 hours prior to and 24 hours after the project date.


After Work Begins:


  • Please do not re-enter the closed section of the community until all barricades have been removed by a Black Diamond Paving representative.


  • The roadways shall re-open the following morning by 9:00am – (this is all weather, and material dry time dependent)


  • Please be careful – walking through the work area may cause you to track wet sealcoat over concrete, into your homes, and cannot be removed. Check your shoes and proceed with caution. Black Diamond Paving, The Association or its Property Management Company will not be liable for any personal property damage, dust on vehicles & homes due to the nature of the work or tracking of materials inside or outside of homes.


  • If USPS mail is not delivered when road work is in progress it can be picked up at the post office that day. FEDEX & UPS deliveries may be delayed until the roads are re-opened.


  • Please Note: Residents may be charged for damage caused by driving or walking on the newly sealed streets prior to barricades being removed.


  • Scuffing of the new seal from vehicles (like “K”-turn areas) is normal and will occur for 6-8 weeks. Over time, these marks will mend and will hardly be noticed.


If you have questions or need to request a reasonable accommodation before or during the project, please contact:

Alex at Black Diamond Paving at 510 -789-3044

Visit: for project details