IMPORTANT – Traffic entering the parking lot Tuesday will have a modified path of travel while crews are within the immediate area.

Please drive carefully and slowly!

RED AREA CLOSED – WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11th 5:00am – 7:00pm  


We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation as we realize that this is an intrusive project and will be an inconvenience for some.  Please “bear with us” as we work diligently to complete this portion of the project as seamlessly as possible.

Extensive repairs to rear section of the parking lot will take place on the date shown at the top of this notice.  During this project, the parking areas highlighted on the map will be closed off to all vehicle traffic.  The parking areas will be re-opened once the work has been completed and it will be safe for vehicular traffic.

Asphalt work areas have been marked with pink paint, and the stanchions placed in the lot should coincide with the plan.

Before Work Begins:

Please notify all your co-workers to drive carefully or, if possible, completely avoid these areas on the days of the work.  If there are any long-term or overnight vehicles parked in the lot, move them so they are not close to an area that will be worked on.  Entry to and exit from the parking lot will still be possible, but there may be slight delays due to heavy equipment in operation.

  • Mark your calendars and plan ahead. Work and the arrival of the crews will start at 5:00 am sharp
  • We will work with the warehouse manager in the loading dock area to accommodate deliveries in order to complete the project with minimal disruption.
  • please plan accordingly if you are expecting deliveries on the above date.
  • Close all doors and windows – Due to the nature of the work there will be dust generated due to the nature of this project.
  • Any vehicles or items left in the rear parking lot will be towed at owner’s expense.

Pay attention to all signs (no parking, construction traffic only, road closed, etc.) and do not drive in or out of work area while the project is underway as it is both dangerous to yourself and crew members.

If you have any questions, concerns or to request a reasonable accommodation before or during the project, please contact

Alex – Project Manager for Black Diamond Paving at (510) 789 – 3044