Success Stories

Some people may call them case studies, but we like to call them success stories. It seems more inviting, and we’re quite fond of the alliteration. Whatever you choose to call them, they’re a good way to get to know Black Diamond’s process and the incredible service we offer to each and every customer.

Crack Seal and Sealcoat in Oceanside, CA

When Black Diamond Senior Project Consultant Alex Sarandinaki reconnected with Property Manager Jill Thalen at this year’s CACM show, he was able to chat with her more in depth about how different our process is from other vendors.

Full Asphalt Replacement in Santa Clara, CA

At Black Diamond, we love it when the opportunity comes along to undertake a full asphalt replacement. There’s something so satisfying about seeing the transformation of an old, broken down slab of pavement into a crisp, shiny, new blacktop. It never fails to breathe life into a community!

Pavement Replacement in San Jose, CA

This property was facing many issues with their roads and parking lots, including cracking cement, rutting, and undulating asphalt. The HOA had performed patch paving work in the past, but the asphalt patches kept failing within a few years of being installed. 

Asphalt Patching & Crack Sealing in Concord, CA

Recently, a very talented local property manager, who we have worked with for many years, called and wanted us to come out and inspect a Concord HOA property that she manages. The property had numerous parking lots, pathways, and roads, and she felt the asphalt may need maintenance or repair.

A Dublin, CA Community Earns its Stripes

As paving jobs go, this one was pretty cut and dry—in the best possible of ways. Community Manager Natasha Fierro with First Service Residential reached out to Black Diamond Senior Project Consultant Mike Bowbeer with her concerns, and Mike got to work assessing the needs of the property. 

A Pretty Patch and Seal in Concord, CA

We had the pleasure this summer of working on yet another successful paving project with Project Manager Laura Ravazzo, of Home Owners Management Company. Laura has been a long-time client of Black Diamond’s and has stuck with us through her employment at three different management companies. 

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