Lunch and Learn Seminars

We bring so much to the table. 

A decent lunch…and a lot of information. Your table, your office. We’ll show you what to look for in a paving or maintenance project, what you really need, what you may need down the road, and how to evaluate your needs according to your goals for the property. We can cut it off at a predetermined time or continue the Q&A for as long as you wish.

Part of the presentation has to do with the “Pavement Life Cycle,” which is our way of helping explain what to expect and what to look for at each stage of your surface’s life. It’s a practical guide that simplifies the process of scope creation and makes it easier to know what types of repairs are typical at each stage.

We also walk you through some best practices for determining the scope of work and what your proposal should include.

When you’re prepared for paving, and educated in the basics, you know what to expect. It’s surprisingly fun, very informative, and it’ll enhance your comfort zone by leveling the contractor/customer playing surface. Whether you choose us or not, you’ll get a better paving job by knowing exactly what to look for.

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