Saving the Paving: The Asphalt Maintenance Guide for Managers & Board Members

We’ve always placed a focus on spending time talking with our customers in order to best understand their needs in their reality. As the HOA market is one where we have great strength and experience, we have used our industry insights to develop a guide for board members and managers that touches on the most important aspects of asphalt maintenance and rehabilitation projects. The free downloadable booklet includes helpful information in the following areas:

  • Overview of the pavement lifecycle which helps you see your current maintenance and rehabilitation options in the context of the age of the asphalt and what your future options will be.
  • Summary of the methods for developing a work scope and selecting a contractor and the pros and cons of the respective approaches.
  • Checklist of items related to best practices in project management and notification of residents.
  • Photos, descriptions, and glossary of the most common terms and procedures related to the maintenance and rehabilitation of asphalt pavement.

To download the HOA guide, click here.


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