Sealcoating 101: Part 3

Sealcoating Your 24-hour Business

For many property managers, especially managers of retail spaces with dozens of tenants, large-scale pavement projects can be a nightmare. The key is scheduling work around your tenants’ needs and peak business hours. We do that all the time (though that’s a different blog post).

The most extreme, and to some the most perplexing sealcoating jobs are for locations that are open 24 hours.

No worries! We handle these challenges all the time, and we know:

  • At a bank the ATM lane needs to be accessible, and at least one drive-thru lane needs to be open at all times.
  • The drive-thru lane at a fast-food restaurant is the high-traffic lane later at night—and we know how to keep that traffic (and, therefore, sales) moving.

We also know how to ask the pertinent questions—questions not everyone thinks of. Questions such as:

  • When do the sprinklers go on?
  • When does your garbage get picked up, and how does the truck enter and exit your lot?
  • When do you receive your food deliveries?
  • When is your parking lot swept by a contract sweeper and what route does the sweeper take through the lot?

But, most importantly, we know to talk with the property manager and the manager and owner of the 24-hour facilities. We know a lot, but they know their businesses and clientele best. And it’s that communication that enables us to get a pavement sealcoated and striped, while ensuring business remains open during all 24 hours.

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