Sealcoating: It’s All in a Day’s Work

If you’re like many property managers, you spend most days walking and driving across your property’s surfaces with little regard to the surface itself. That is, until you notice a few cracks next to your favorite parking spot or that bit of sidewalk which has started to crumble.

At this point, a little Asphalt Denial may slip in. We know you have a full to-do list, and pavement maintenance can seem daunting, making it easier to procrastinate. But before you begin to dread the hassle, remember that providing regular maintenance is even easier than stepping over those cracks in a pair of heels.

One of the most important steps in keeping your parking lot in top condition is sealcoating. During a sealcoating application an asphalt emulsion (liquid asphalt emulsified in water) is applied in thin coats, which protect the surface from a variety of outside forces such as water, gasoline, oils, and damage from the sun. Our careful attention to detail in preparation of the sealcoat extends the life of the asphalt and helps eliminate costly measures down the road.

Check out this video to see how the sealcoat is applied.

Before we apply a sealcoat, we will carefully clean, sweep, and inspect the entire area. Next we fill and repair cracks with crack sealer. Crack sealing, a process all its own, involves cleaning the cracks with hot pressurized air and then filling them in with a hot rubberized filler.

To see crack sealing in action, watch this video.

Once the surface preparation and sealcoat layers are applied, the materials must cure before traffic can be allowed on the surface. If your property has people coming and going on a regular basis, this may seem difficult to manage. Never fear—we take all of your property’s needs into consideration while planning out the project.

And we even manage the hassle of communicating details of the project with your residents and tenants! My Paving Project, accessed under the Project Gallery tab on our website, offers updates and color-coded mapping specific to your property. We also make sure our project consultants are readily available—both to you and your tenants—to help with any questions or issues that arise during the course of the project.

The shiny dark surface you’ll have after sealcoating is more than just a pretty facade. The black surface absorbs heat, making the surface more pliable and better able to withstand vehicular traffic. The waterproofing aspects mean that moisture will not easily find its way underneath the surface, and by evening out surface voids, it will also be beautifully smooth and easy to clean. Sealcoating also makes for easy navigation, as any lines and markings will contrast nicely against the black.

Now that you’ve read through the steps and watched a few videos, are you ready to pick up the phone and give us a call? Our friendly paving experts can help determine the proper plan of action for your needs and budget, making doing the right thing for your property easy as can be.

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