We’ll make your pavement—and you—look good.

Pavement. It’s underfoot and under wheels, all over your property. Asphalt Paving is our specialty. If yours looks like a diamond in the rough, Black Diamond Paving can shape it into a shining jewel for you—at a price that will surprise you.

Whether your property is retail, commercial, or industrial, a medical center or hospital, an office park, a mobile home park, a school or church, or something else, the condition of your property’s pavement makes an impression on your clientele. As the property manager, you answer to the owner; as the head of your church’s building committee, you’re responsible to the entire congregation. In any case, you wear a lot of different hats. The key to success is finding the right experts to advise you.

So when it comes time to repair or replace pavement, you need more than a contractor who will do the bare minimum to get the job done. You need a partner who will be as invested in the success of the project as you are—someone who will help you take into account everyone’s interests and needs.

In short, you need Black Diamond Paving.