EuroPave paving comes in a variety of finishes, systems, and textural designs and all are natural, resin-bonded aggregate surfaces including Addastone, Addapave, Addaset and Addaprint. Uses range from stone carpets to porous tree pit systems to huge decorative surfaces that complement surrounding landscaping and architecture, with the look of loose aggregate but without the problems. Aggregates can be natural rock, recycled glass, or other materials and are available in a wide range of colors, styles, or even customized mixes.

Application Possibilities


Landscape architects love it for its elegance, warm aesthetic appeal and creative flexibility. Addaset or Addastone surfaces offer a variety of colors that complement or set off the architecture and surroundings. Attractive, long-lasting, and low maintenance, the surfaces have a definite upscale feel and look.

Municipal Projects

Municipal planners love it for its low maintenance, smart looks and beautiful durability. Natural aggregates or recycled materials mixed with semi-transparent resin allow trees natural growth in a well-groomed, beautifully designed porous surface. And no loose aggregate scattered about. (See diagram for root direction and irrigation/aeration details.) Look into all the EuroPave products for colored, textural finished for playgrounds, foot paths, parking lots, ramps and other municipal needs, indoors and out.


Homeowners love it for its curb appeal, high quality and ability to differentiate from neighboring homes. Resin-bonded aggregate nature walkways, driveways, footbridges, and accent surfaces can enrich the look of any residence, subtly or colorfully, conveying the appearance of loose aggregate without the upkeep or maintenance problems.

Products and Specs


  • Transforms ordinary roads into charming gravel drives reminiscent of country estates.
  • Larger rocks serve dual purpose – traffic calming and visually appealing.
  • Uneven surface keeps skateboarders at bay from parks and large public spaces.
  • The most versatile product in the family, Addastone works for almost all surfaces.


  • Ideally suited for playground areas, driveways, walking paths and areas where a distinctive appearance is desired.
  • Resin based system that provides an attractive, hard wearing, low-maintenance surface using a range of natural aggregates or recycled glass.
  • Can be placed over existing asphalt or concrete surfaces.


  • Natratex is a fully bonded natural aggregate surface with a wide selection of natural stone types to choose from. Natratex has been used for both pedestrian and vehicular areas in a variety of public and private projects. A specially formulated clear binder combined with natural aggregates form a durable and hard wearing surface with the soft appearance of natural stone.
  • Architects and designers are able to use the natural finish of Natratex to compliment or contrast the background landscape and architecture. We use a variety of aggregates to produce subtle shades of natural finishes and ones that will be suitable for use on roads, footpaths, driveways and playgrounds. With Natratex being free from pigments, the natural color of the aggregate is retained over the long term.

The Differences

Addaset is trowelled and mixed with resin, and laid to a smooth level surface. Addastone is a scatter system that gives the appearance of loose gravel without the maintenance problems normally associated with other natural aggregate systems. Both are hard-wearing and easily maintained, and are available in a number of smart, attractive colors and aggregates or recycled glass.

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