Infrared Paving

The invisible infrared paving repair

The only way you can tell we’ve been here is, the paving’s fixed. No cold joints like standard patching, so no cracks at the joints. That means water won’t penetrate and ruin the repaired area. And that means savings. So does the elimination of excavation, hauling, dump fees, sawcutting and jackhammering. Fewer hours are required, and the existing asphalt is recycled. The repair is hot bonded and permanent, returning the surface to its “as before” condition.

Not a patch — a seamless, thermally bonded restoration

Infrared asphalt recyclers warm the existing asphalt in and around the repair area to over 300 degrees Fahrenheit — the same temperature of new asphalt manufactured at the plant. The softened asphalt is scarified to mix in hot binder and fresh asphalt before compaction. This results in a permanent and attractive repair with no point of weakness.

Don’t cut-and-toss old asphalt — rejuvenate it

No more saw-cutting, excavation, off-hauling, or dumping with Black Diamond’s new seamless Infrared Asphalt Repair. Clients are enthusiastic about infrared for several reasons: it’s cost competitive, it’s quicker, and it’s a long-lasting seal because there’s no point of weakness or joints where water can collect.

One customer’s perspective

This was the perfect candidate for (Infrared Asphalt Repair) because we had an asphalt ‘lip’ on either side of a valley gutter. The lip had become inconsistent, cracked and the source of more than one complaint. I was able to personally observe the two-man crew working in this busy shopping center and, not only was this the least intrusive asphalt work (in a main drive aisle at a busy 24-hour location) that I’ve witnessed, but the results were clearly remarkable. Although this is not the solution for every asphalt problem, where applicable, it is the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly and least intrusive application for a commercial shopping center that I’ve seen. Black Diamond never fails to stand behind their workmanship, material and warranties.

— Janice Dutt, SMS Management

Intrigued? Watch it in action


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