Patch Paving

Patch paving is also commonly known as R&R (removal and replacement) or digouts. Given areas within a single property can vary significantly in terms of the stability of the underlying soil and the traffic loads placed upon them. It should come as no surprise that after a period of time, some areas will still be in sound structural condition while others will have failed. The conventional approach to pavement maintenance is simply to remove the areas that are failed and replace them with a thicker asphalt section, then perhaps sealcoat everything to give it a more uniform appearance.

Sounds reasonable enough, right? Well, not so fast. We design all of our project specs not for the short-term quick fix, but in the context of a longer-term plan. For example, a given property may be 15 – 20 years old (midlife crisis time for pavement). Cracks are starting to show, some areas are failing, it’s looking a little rough and gray. Digging out and replacing a given section and sealcoating might look great for a while, but what about 5 – 10 years from now? What’s next to keep your property from looking like an expensive quilt made of black rocks?

If we see an overlay or more comprehensive rehabilitation plan in your future, it might make more sense to replace the asphalt with thinner sections or otherwise plan the project to eliminate costs and redundancies, then recommend a plan and budget for the next 5 – 10 years. This long-term view has saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars and kept their properties looking better year after year.

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