Crack Sealing

Cracks are one of pavement’s most lethal problems.

Cracks kill…your pavement, that is. Because once the surface of your beautiful, shining asphalt breaks open, it allows nature to seep in. Nature like water and weeds and all sorts of things that use those cracks as a means to get under the surface and erode your once-trusty base layers, resulting in even worse problems like depressions, pot holes, and sink holes. Not good. 

That’s why we recommend all cracks ¼ inch wide or wider be sealed to prevent water infiltration and protect the life of the pavement. A number of materials are available for sealing cracks, the most well known and most cost-effective of which is hot-rubberized crack sealant. Cold-pour crack repair materials also are available, but these are generally suited to lower traffic areas as they’re not quite as robust as the hot stuff.

Crack Sealing in 3 Steps

Clean out cracks with super powerful, super hot compressed air
Fill in cracks with hot or cold crack filler
Cover filled cracks with a light dusting of sand to help the sealcoat stick

Watch a Crack Sealing Project in Action

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