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Parking Lot Maintenance and Sealcoating – Black Diamond Paving & Concrete

When it comes to parking lot maintenance and sealcoating, Black Diamond is a parking lot paving contractor that is committed to giving our customers the utmost long-term value on one of their largest investments, their parking lot. We offer Northern California parking lot maintenance solutions to prevent costly repairs, deterioration, and to keep their parking lot attractive, functional, and safe.

Maintaining your Parking Lot

Parking lot maintenance is an umbrella term for a number of preventative measures for asphalt paving. These pavement services include sealcoating, crack sealing, asphalt patching, and asphalt repairs. If any of these issues are not addressed promptly, then the issues can become quite costly over time. Black Diamond Paving & Concrete provides effective parking lot maintenance and sealcoating in Northern California to protect your investment and parking lot.

Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt resurfacing is a great, sustainable solution that customers often elect to have done. The asphalt pavement will be resurfaced. This method of maintenance is also referred to as an overlay. If you notice water standing on your parking lot pavement, or there are interconnecting cracks forming (alligator areas), then your parking lot would most likely benefit from asphalt resurfacing.


One of the most important elements of a parking lot maintenance is sealcoating. A sealcoat material consists of a coal tar pitch or asphalt cement mixture with inert filler and emulsifying agents. The pavement sealer is applied in thin coats to ensure the pavement is protected from water, gasoline, oil, and UV rays. Sealcoating comes with many benefits that include:

  • Slows oxidation- The seal will fill any surface voids. This will reduce any oxygen exposure along with reducing oil and gas to penetrate the asphalt pavement surface.
  • Increases flexibility- Sealing your lot will add a dark black color to the asphalt pavement. When the asphalt is blacker, then heat will be drawn from the sun. When it is hotter, then it makes the pavement more pliable, so it can withstand heavy traffic and reduce cracking.
  • Adds Beauty- Sealcoating will make the pavement look brand new again. When a parking lot has been seal coated, then the parking lot looks new, safe, and it projects a positive image of the facility.
  • Easier to Clean and Maintain- Sealcoating will fill any surface voids and this results in a smooth and even surface to clean year-round.
  • Cost-Effective- It is fiscally efficient and an excellent way to maintain your parking lot. Sealcoating preserves the asphalt.

Sealcoating Application

Before the sealcoat is applied, any cracks must be repaired. If there are potholes, then they will need to be replaced and repaired. The pavement will be cleaned, and any oil or gas spots will also need to be cleaned. When the pavement is ready, then the sealing mixture will be applied. The temperature should be at least 55 degrees. A minimum of eighteen hours of curing time is required, so traffic should be kept off the surface during the curing process.
You can protect your investment when you have Black Diamond Paving & Concrete provide you with parking lot maintenance. Trust your parking lot with qualified professionals that get the job done on time, safely, and always within your budget. Contact Black Diamond Paving & Concrete today.

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