Preventive Maintenance

What’s your long-term goal?

For most contractors, preventive maintenance planning is another category separate from the proposal process. That is, if it exists within their organization at all.

Many of our customers tell us that most of the “other guys” fax them a page with a price at the bottom. What sets Black Diamond apart is that with EVERY project we spec, the FIRST question we ask ourselves is about your needs:

“How do I provide a solution to the customer that meets their needs, fits their budget, provides the best value and fits in the context of a longer term plan for the property?”

Seriously, we’re obsessed with it. And we all talk about our projects with one another so that no stone is unturned when it comes to finding creative ideas for better, more efficient and less expensive (not cheap) ways of helping our customers.

With all but the most cut-and-dried proposals, we also provide a letter outlining our recommendations and rationale for the proposed scope. The end goal is to make your life easier by helping you invest each dollar wisely.

Want to talk more about preventive maintenance for your property?

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