An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

In the case of asphalt maintenance, a gallon of prevention (sealcoat) is worth a ton of cure (asphalt).

One of the most important steps in keeping your parking lot in top condition is sealcoating. During a sealcoating application an asphalt emulsion (liquid asphalt emulsified in water) is applied in thin coats, which protect the surface from a variety of outside forces such as water, gasoline, oils, and damage from the sun. Our careful attention to detail in preparation of the sealcoat extends the life of the asphalt and helps eliminate costly measures down the road.

The First 5 – 10 Years

During this phase of an asphalt surface’s life, all that’s required (assuming it’s properly constructed to begin with) is to replenish the oxidized surface of the pavement. When asphalt is exposed to sunlight and water, the oil component starts to break down. If left unsealed, there is nothing to bond the aggregate together, and the pavement slowly starts to separate.

The Next 10 – 15 Years

A newly constructed pavement surface can completely separate and fall apart from the top down in these next 10 – 15 years if left unsealed. Sealcoating every 4 – 7 years prevents this erosion and breakdown while providing a smooth, black surface that is visually appealing.

And, really, it’s just pretty.

Many of our customers take a proactive approach to maintenance by sealcoating more often than they need to for surface preservation, because it keeps their pavement looking brand new. That deep, rich black of recently sealed asphalt really does wonders for curb appeal! We can design a plan and proposal that fits your needs and objectives based on what’s most important to you.

Want to know more?

Sealcoating is so important for your property, we wrote not one, but FOUR in-depth articles about the process. They’re quick, easy reads that give you all the info you need to be well-informed about your next sealcoating project. Check them out!

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