Success Stories

Pavement Replacement in San Jose, CA

Customer: Compass Management
Property Manager: Suzy Barr
Property: Colony Green HOA, San Jose, California
Project: Cement treatment and re-pave

Not long ago, we had the opportunity to work again with Suzy Barr of Compass Management, a longtime client of ours. Several years ago, Suzy was referred by another property manager to our talented Senior Project Consultant Mike Bowbeer and has been with us ever since. This time, Suzy reached out to us for help with her San Jose property, Colony Green HOA. This property was facing many issues with their roads and parking lots, including cracking cement, rutting, and undulating asphalt. The HOA had performed patch paving work in the past, but the asphalt patches kept failing within a few years of being installed. Confident that Black Diamond could come up with a more reliable, longer term paving solution, Mike headed out to the property to meet with the manager and HOA board for an assessment.

As they walked the property, Mike realized the existing base and soil under the roads most likely would not be suitable to withstand long term vehicle traffic. He brought to their attention that they could have the existing base and soil tested to find out if it was stable enough to remove and replace the existing asphalt, which would ensure a much longer lifespan for the community’s pavement.

The board readily agreed to our recommendations, and when the soil test results came back, they confirmed the existing base and soil would, indeed, need to be stabilized. The soil engineers then specifically designed a cement treatment and asphalt paving plan to suit their situation. The HOA Board heartily approved the plan, as they felt it would give them the longevity they were looking for.

Black Diamond got to work shortly after. Around the community, we posted notices with our contact information and information about the project, so homeowners would be familiar with everything we would be doing, and the impact it would have on them. The project lasted for over a week and a half and, even though a job of this scale could have been quite a disruption to their daily routines, we did not receive a single complaint. After the project was completed, we met again with Suzy and the HOA board to review the work—everyone was extremely pleased with the quality of the finished product.

Colony Green is a large HOA, and since this job, Black Diamond has been called back to work on a variety of other projects in the community, ranging from installing speed bumps, to replacing failed asphalt in parking stalls and in other road locations, to replacing heavily damaged concrete valley gutters. Not only did we complete these projects to our customer’s full satisfaction, we’re proud to have become the go-to company for all of their asphalt paving and concrete needs.

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