Supervillains of the Asphalt Universe

Here at Black Diamond, we don’t make our employees wear capes with their uniforms, but maybe we should. They wage war every day against villains threatening the longevity of your asphalt surfaces. But who are these culprits looking to wreak havoc on your smooth and perfect pavement? Allow us to introduce the greatest offenders of all things asphalt.

Mr. Sunshine

He seems like a nice enough guy, showing up every morning like clockwork. The truth is, sunshine is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to breaking down the binder that holds together all the rocks that make up your asphalt surface. This process is chemical in nature, combining UV rays and oxygen, which work together to break the chemical ties that bind them.

To stop this villain in his tracks, look no further than a regularly scheduled sealcoat application. Sealcoat will help fill in the micro cracks and crevices, keeping your surfaces nice and shiny and offering your best defense against Mr. Sunshine’s death rays.

Ms. H2O

She saunters in at the most unexpected places, settling into dips and grooves, and she’s often a slippery one to catch. While she puddles into the corner of the parking lot you rarely visit or that little crease where the asphalt meets the sidewalk, she seeps downward into the carefully laid layers, using her erosive powers to undermine the integrity of your pavement.

Hold Ms. H2O and her evil ways at bay by performing crack sealing and sealcoating and by keeping the asphalt draining to our friendly storm system.

Mr. Heavy and the Boys

This gang rolls in acting like they own the place. Although we wouldn’t necessarily call it “dainty,” asphalt is only made to support a certain amount of weight. If overloading occurs—whether that be day-to-day heavy traffic or even just an occasional super heavyweight—the additional stress can push the upper layers past their flex point and create ruts or cracking.

You are the biggest enforcer against the incidents of heavy loads. Patrol your property carefully, post signs where necessary to limit the loads, and plan on having extra heavy vehicles park off-site when possible. If you’re planning to install new asphalt in a heavy traffic area, let us know so we can accommodate your specific needs.

We don’t like to toot our own horn too much, but we would consider ourselves asphalt superheroes. Let us help you combat these dastardly villains and allow your pavement to emerge victorious. For Black Diamond, it’s all in a day’s work!

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