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Achieve Visibly Younger Looking Pavement with Asphalt Rejuvenation!

You might hear the word “rejuvenation” and immediately think of the pursuit of reversing aging skin…and you would be right on the money. The principles of asphalt rejuvenation really don’t differ all that much from the beauty industry. The intent in both fields is to acknowledge the signs of aging and apply science to reverse it.

While the balms of the beauty industry aim at smoothing out the wrinkles of the human face, the potions of the pavement trade are aimed at restoring the chemical properties in asphalt that naturally degrade over time due to oxidation. This treatment typically consists of incorporating oils and resins which can be used in two ways.

Way One:

The first is to mix these magic elixirs into the recycled bits and pieces that go into creating the “new to you” asphalt. These agents soften the mix and increase plasticity and durability, as well as reduce the high temperatures needed to make all those raw ingredients bind together. The addition of an asphalt rejuvenator makes a critical difference in how much recycled material can be incorporated while maintaining peak life and performance. The more recycled material the better, for the end user and the environment. The cost benefit to increasing the amount of recycled material is an additional win for asset owners.

Way Two:

The second way to use a rejuvenator is to apply it to existing asphalt to bring it back to a near-new condition. Unlike a traditional sealer, which sits on the surface of the pavement, the special oil and resin mix has the added advantage of being able to penetrate through the layers of asphalt. This allows it to rework the chemical bonds, bringing them back to a state of strong pliability and revitalizing the binder.

Nine lives? Pfft. Felines have nothing on the asphalt industry. That glossy black surface that surrounds us is king of the recycled world. In fact, over 81% of asphalt that’s past its prime is recycled into the new asphalt you walk and drive on every day. Asphalt rejuvenation helps make that happen—just one more way the pavement industry is evolving to go green!

The rejuvenator also fills in any cracks and gaps, keeping water from seeping in, and provides protection from UV rays. The Federal Highway Administration estimates that for each $1 spent on rejuvenation a resulting $6-10 is saved over the life of the surface. When was the last time your skin cream saved you so much dough?

Just like a spa treatment for your skin, the benefits of this application can be seen immediately while the science under the surface continues to work its magic. A rejuvenation treatment will restore that flawless, radiant, like-new appearance while protecting your pavement from further effects of aging. It’s a win/win proposition.

Are you interested in learning more about asphalt rejuvenation? Give us a call to see if it’s the right solution for your property!

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