The Never Ending Life of Asphalt

Oh, the stories it could tell. The humble surface you drive on, play on, and walk on has likely had a previous life—maybe two or three. Asphalt has the honor of being the most recycled material in the world, with 80% of it being reclaimed and 100% of the reclaimed material being recycled. Here’s how the process for reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) plays out every day across the US:

When an asphalt surface is replaced or resurfaced, layers are removed through a process called milling (this is a fancy way to say the surface is broken up into removable bits and chunks). The material is then transported to a recycling facility where it is fed through a machine that further crushes all the bits and chunks and screens them for uniform size. Additional materials can also be recycled and integrated, such as shingles, ground tires, and pig manure. (Why pig manure? It’s been found to have natural oils that mimic petroleum, thereby reducing the use of new petroleum products.)

Next, this mix is heated and tumbled, which helps to rejuvenate the liquid asphalt binders and reduces the amount of new binders needed. When the mixture is nicely mixed and up to temp, it’s ready to go back out into the world looking shiny, new, and stronger than ever.

Integrating RAP technology into asphalt projects helps to save thousands of acres from landfills, reduce the carbon footprint of materials used, and conserve raw materials each and every day.

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