To Buy or Not to Buy?

We talk a lot on our Love2Pave blog about the steps you can take to ensure your surfaces stay in tip top shape for all of your existing properties. But our expertise in all things asphalt and concrete can be a real asset when you are considering making an acquisition as well.

The acquisition equation has a lot of parts and pieces, whether the property is large or small. Part of that decision-making is assessing the condition of the property and the intended uses and incorporating that into your bid and future plans. The sheer volume of paved surfaces in any given property means it is a real factor in future maintenance as well as a real contributor in aesthetics and ease of use for owners and tenants alike.

There are several things the experts at Black Diamond Paving & Concrete can do to help you navigate acquisitions from the very beginning, through purchase and implementation of any repairs that need to be addressed.

1. Observe and Assess

First, we’ll walk the property with you and do an assessment of where it hits on the Pavement Life Cycle. This will give you great insight into what you’re looking at in terms of future maintenance dollars. Every surface contains markers of where it stands on its overall life span, and breaking this down into accurate and easy language keeps current and future decision-making simple.

2. Discuss Goals

Second, we’ll discuss the short term and long term goals of the property. This is important when coming up with the budget going forward. Specifically, we’ll talk about investing in the conditions of your surfaces as they apply to the timeline of owning the property. The timing of future planned maintenance is also a worthy topic to explore. For instance, if the property will not be occupied during the purchase transition it may make sense to be proactive and achieve great strides before tenants are present.

3. Present Recommendations and Estimate

Third, we’ll present our recommendations and plans to you along with a budget estimate. This information is a critical part of the file you build for the property and will act as a blueprint for work going forward for property managers as well as investors.

4. Provide Scope and Proposal

Once the acquisition is complete, we’ll provide a work scope with any revisions that are necessary along with a formal proposal. Then we’ll get to work doing what we do best, ensuring that your asphalt and concrete surfaces look great and serve you well for years to come.

The sum total of this knowledge means you will be well prepared to approach the purchase confidently and minimize budget surprises. As with all things surface-wise, a penny of prevention will lead to a pound of cure.

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