Why Wait? Winter Works for Paving and Concrete (in California)

1116-istock_000009421840mediumMost people, when asked when the best time is to undertake a new paving or concrete project, would not say fall or winter. And if they lived anywhere but California, they’d be onto something. Asphalt, especially, is not easy to work with in colder temperatures. It sets much faster when the weather drops below 70°, which means crews have less time to work with the material, and more mistakes are likely to be made.

But luckily for us…we DO live in California. Which means we’re able to work year-round. And you may want to consider contacting us for your next paving job in the coming months, rather than waiting for spring or summer. Here’s why:

  • Spring and summer months tend to be the busiest for paving contractors. Business picks up for us significantly between May and September, and while we always make a point of accommodating our clients’ schedules as closely as possible, we may not be able to get to your project as quickly as we’d wish. By planning your job for the winter months, you’ll likely have your pick of dates to get the work done…as well as the undivided attention of our project managers and crews.
  • Not only are the summer months busier for us, they’re probably busier for you. Things tend to slow down around the holidays. Residents go out of town to visit family; office parks and schools close for the holidays; retail slows down significantly, post-Christmas. Why not take advantage of the lull to make any upgrades your property may need?
  • Need concrete work done? The temperate California winters are ideal for these jobs. Concrete is not a fan of extreme temperatures—if it’s excessively hot when poured, too much water is lost by evaporation, whereas if it’s too cold, hydration slows to a near stand-still. Either condition makes for a weakened product. The mild temperatures we experience in winter and early spring, however, ensure nice, strong, reliable concrete.

Have we convinced you? Contact us today to get your paving or concrete job started well before the warm weather rush!

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