Want to Learn More About Your Pavement Investment?

Ask your contractor!

There’s nothing better from a contractor’s point of view than working with clients who understand their pavement or who are interested in learning about it. You don’t have to be an engineer to get a good grasp, not only on what’s involved in a pavement, but on how to maintain and protect it, as well.

After all, your parking lot pavement is probably your single biggest capital investment, so the longer you can extend its life, the lower its lifecycle cost. That gives you better control over your budget and enables you to spend valuable dollars in other areas.

If you’re looking to learn more about your pavement, call us! We’re more than willing to tailor an event to meet your needs. Two of our more successful approaches are:

  • Lunch and Learns. These brief, focused sessions can be held in your office, are open to anyone you invite, and cover just about any topic you want. We’ll bring a tasty lunch and teach your team about anything from pavement construction, to maintenance, to the equipment we use. We can even discuss and compare treatment options—whatever you have a burning desire to learn, we’re happy to chat about it.
  • “Live” Demonstrations. Our crews are always on the job and, more than likely, they’re working on a project near (or not too far from) your office. We’re happy to invite you to a working jobsite, where you can see a Black Diamond crew at work, view our equipment, and ask any questions that come to you. Let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll make it a point to let you know when we’re on the job in your neighborhood.

And if you have another approach in mind, let us know that, too! Some of our best ideas come from learning about our clients’ particular needs and interests and finding solutions that work for everyone.

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