We’re Growing…A Lot!

You may have noticed a small change to our logo and wondered what it means. We’re thrilled to announce that Black Diamond Paving & Concrete is expanding—we’ve joined forces with Atlantic Southern Paving! This is an exciting development for us…and for our clients, too. Here’s why:                    

National Paving Capabilities

Atlantic Southern Paving is a national family of companies, and becoming a part of their team was the best way for us to grow our footprint. Previously, we’d been operating in four states, and the vast majority of our presence was in California. But merging with ASP now allows us to offer service throughout the entire United States with our National Team and locally perform in 18 states. We have local offices in 8 of those states including FL, SC, NC, AL, MS, MO, TX, and CA.

ASP is a Florida-based company, started by Mickey Curry over 30 years ago and run by him and his two sons. In 2019, ASP partnered with Harbor Beach Capital, a private equity firm that invests in middle market companies. This partnership is what kicked off the growth of the ASP Family of Companies. While they have since acquired 9 companies to date, they have managed to maintain the amazing work environment and quality of work. With Black Diamond being one of those 9 acquisitions, we are proud to be part of a family of companies that share our values and vision for paving! Joining them was the perfect way for us to grow while staying true to who we are.

We’re Able to Self-Perform More Jobs Than Ever Before

As a contractor, you can approach projects in one of two ways: 

  1. You can stay small and lean, then scale up for the big jobs by using subcontractors. 
  2. You can “self-perform,” which means you do the whole job yourself. 

Option 2 allows for much more control over the quality of the work, and it means the client doesn’t have to pay marked-up prices for unknown subcontractors. Joining ASP allows us to self-perform projects in 18 states, ensuring our clients with properties outside of California will enjoy the efficiency and quality they’ve come to expect from Black Diamond Paving & Concrete.   

We Offer You a Single Point of Contact

Most paving projects have several moving parts and if you have to interact with a different person for each aspect of the project, that can waste a lot of time and energy. It also creates a significant risk that something might be lost in translation. But this new partnership allows us to do everything under the Black Diamond Paving/ASP banner. You’ll be given a single point of contact who knows your projects inside and out. That means you’ll realize all the benefits of working with a large team, but only have to deal with a single person.     

We Manage Interstate Complexity 

Are you a property management company, commercial real estate firm, retailer, or industrial company with a sprawling empire? We now have the scale and expertise to manage those massive projects across state lines. And we’ll bring our much-valued Diamond Standard Process to every single project, both large and small. If we’ve worked together on a California-based project, you can rest assured the convenience, comprehensiveness, and quality you’ve come to expect from Black Diamond Paving & Concrete will travel with us from state to state. 

Want to Learn More? Let’s Chat!

We’re proud to be a part of the Atlantic Southern Paving family and would love the opportunity to tell you more about them, our new relationship, and how it benefits you. Give us a call today to set up an in-depth presentation of our newly expanded capabilities.

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